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Link bait is probably the most challenging task in the job description of an SEO professional (or Internet Marketer, whatever you’d like to name it). In fact, most SEO campaigners don’t really bother about the link bait, as they consider it a necessarily expensive undertaking, hence a spendthrift for small businesses and a non requisite for markets with low competition. It’s true that some successful link bait campaigns cost a lot when it comes to brain storming, planning, and then carrying out the plans. But it’s not that these expenses are unavoidable, in fact the notion is a bit of myth.

Firstly, link bait is not necessarily a one-off activity that you should carry out once in a year, rather it is a goal that you should keep in sight all the time. Secondly, link bait doesn’t always need to be a project with the goal to get hundreds of links in one go; instead if some of your blog posts can bring couple of good links every now and then, that’s enough to boost your blog rankings.

To get good quality natural link from other blogs, you can adopt some simple approaches while writing that will bring you links from plenty of quality and relevant blogs. Let’s take a look at these approaches.

1. Write Unique

When the Google Panda Update first came out, hundreds of blogs shared the news, and everybody cover the news in their own words, but writing the same old stuff in your own words doesn’t warrantee anything at all. On the other hand, there were some bloggers whose posts were linked or mentioned at many different blogs, those were the guys who spent some time reading about the impacts of Google Panda, and then used their mind to come up with some simple tips for people with little or no background of Search Engine Optimization.

Needless to say, these posts were heavily linked around the blogosphere. The best part is, doing such post doesn’t require a lot of research or even expertise, at times using some common sense can help. All you need to do is to try and use your own mind (easier said than done) instead of just copy pasting or rephrasing.

2. Write in detail

Writing in detail doesn’t mean stretching a simple point to unnecessary lengths, or to repeat the same thing over and over again, it actually means covering all points, angles, perspectives, and viewpoints related to the topic. When you’re taking on a topic, you must try and describe it whole heartedly, instead of making a half hearted attempt that will leave the readers asking for more. If you can take on a topic in such detail, there’s every chance that some other blogger will link to your post as a reference, whenever talking of some interrelated topic.

3. Write with an aim to help

Tutorials, guides, How To’s, and the likes are always in demand, and these are easily the most commonly linked type of content on web (and I am talking about natural links). When you’re writing with a sincere objective to help, chances are that you will be helped in the forms of links (it pretty much works like karma).

4. Write Good

Good writing will include one or more of the many elements like wit, humor, thoughtfulness, or a little bit of controversy. Try using one or more of these elements in your posts and the chances are that some other blogger will duly link to your post while having their own take on the topic.

A quick tip : make extensive use of social networks while you incorporate any of these approaches into your writing, because the more your posts reaches out to fellow bloggers, the more there are the chances that they will link to your post while writing.


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