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When it comes to finding the right WordPress theme, web developers, business owners, and marketers have a wide variety of options. DIY themes currently released a new version of the Thesis 1.8.4 Framework that boasts high level functionality and lots of new features.

The newest version makes it easier for multiple WordPress website owners to manage all their sites in just one dashboard. This brand new feature also allows users to make changes without altering the site’s current settings or coding. The Thesis 1.8.4 theme features the most efficient WordPress multiple site support that will transform your Thesis website more flexible and smarter than ever.

Enhanced Multisite Support and Master Control

The theme’s multisite environment is a great way to modify sites using a single platform. So if you are planning to update the foot attribution in your all in one printers website and your online computer shop, the Thesis 1.8.4 would come in handy. With the old WordPress themes (especially for those that relied solely on child themes), this is poignantly difficult and nearly impossible to do by editing only one file. With Thesis’ Master Control feature, foot attribution edits is simpler and can be done through the custom_functions.php file which practically runs all your sites on the network. This offers users control over the entire multisite platform.

Improved Blog Speed

Loading speed has significantly improved with the Thesis 1.8.4. The platform has improved its efficiency and speed by minimizing HTTP stylesheet requests. In the past, it was creating three requests but with the newest version, it only produces one stylesheet. If you are planning to create a blog for your used car dealership or your online shoe store, the Thesis 1.8.4 is perfect for your impatient web surfers.

Better Custom File Editor

The newest Thesis file editor provides better performance compared to its predecessor. The editor can now be used in a multisite environment, enabling users to edit custom.css files. Aside from the addition of these new features, DIY has also fixed several bugs that have been raised by the Thesis online community.

Child Theme and Thesis Skin Templates

If you are a web developer that likes to construct Thesis Skin or the Child Theme, you would adore their new starter template.

Before upgrading to the Thesis 1.8.4, save your current settings first, just in case issues and bugs happen. After the upgrade, re-upload the saved file. Use FTP software ensure that permissions for the Thesis_184 folder are 755.


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