Secrets of Google Analytics To Boost Traffic of Your Blogs

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Here are some secrets of Google Analytics To Boost Traffic of Your Blogs. It is the dream of every blogger to attract more and more traffic to their blog, and we have all the reasons in the world to want to know how to achieve that! You are going to make a much larger amount of money if more people visit your blog. Secrets of Google Analytics to boost traffic of your blogs will fill up your pocket and make you more noticed on the internet and popularity will come as a bonus!

Google Analytics

What to Work On?

Google Analytic is a tool with which you can see how many people visited your blog. More than that, it gives you the statistics of the traffic that you attract in terms of which pages are the most attended, how much time people spend on which areas and which posts are mostly read and attended to. This is like a dream come true as with Google Analytics, you see what exactly about your blog do people like the most. With such precise feedback, you understand what you need to do more, and what you need to stop doing.

Follow The Simple Steps

Here is how you can make the perfect use of Google Analytics in order to attract traffic to your blog. Uncover why people come to your blog and focus on that aspect more.

  1. Log in to your account on Google Analytics
  2. Specify the blog about which you want to know more
  3. Hit “View Report”
  4. Find the Content tab button on the left of the screen and click on it.
  5. Right at the top of the screen, you would see the Top Content button. If you press it, you will see the content that is most visited on your blog.

By default, Google Analytics shows you Top content on the basis of data collected from last 30 days. If you want it to be more vast or specific than that, you can change the dates and get the data based on the time span of your own choice.

Access the Details

What you will be shown is a list of links. If these permalinks do not ring a bell, you can click on the arrows, given by the side of each link, to find out which pages are being referred to exactly. You can access the details of the data related to a particular link by clicking the link itself. By clicking the permalinks, you find the minute details of the visits; the time spent, and most importantly where the traffic is coming from.

This is important because you should mainly continue what you are doing if the traffic is coming from search engines. Otherwise, say if it is coming from somewhere like StumbleUpon, it may be useless as it would not affect the page rank at all.

Use the Google Analytics tool for getting to know your viewers and what they like most about your blog. This provides you the feedback that you need to make your blog grow.


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