6 Best Free Samsung Galaxy S2 Apps

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As the most powerful smartphone on the market, Samsung Galaxy S2 is the ideal device for Samsung Galaxy S2 Apps: it can run smoothly any app in the Samsung App Store. Here’s a selection of some wonderful Samsung Galaxy S2 Apps that you won’t regret trying, but remember that there are many more other interesting Samsung Galaxy S2 Apps in the store worth checking out.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Apps

1. Barcode Scanner

It’s a pity if you don’t have a capable QR Code scanner on your device. These apps are becoming increasingly popular and are one of the hottest trends in handheld devices apps.

If you’re looking for one for your Samsung Galaxy S2, then it should be Barcode Scanner. Unlike other similar devices, Barcode Scanner is easy to use and works all the time, with any barcode. What’s more, it runs perfectly on Samsung Galaxy S2. This is one of the best Samsung Galaxy S2 Applications.

2. Layer

Layer works like this: you take a photo of a location with the inbuilt camera and let the app use its database to provide information about the location. It’s a really cool app that works surprisingly well.

Layer has been around for some time now, but being too demanding for most smartphones, it has never really been as popular as it may have deserved. But Samsung Galaxy S2 tips is a powerful smartphone and can fully handle Layer.

3. Kindle Reader

Because of its large and high-quality display, Samsung Galaxy S2 makes for an excellent e-book reader device whenever your Kindle is not close at hand.

The Kindle app for Samsung Galaxy S2 lets you purchase e-books from the Amazon store and easily read them, anytime you want. The great thing about the app is that it ensures you can download the books you’ve purchased anytime you want, so you don’t have to worry about keeping all your books on your device all at once.

4. Astro File Manager

Things can be pretty hard to find on a smartphone, and this becomes a big problem especially when you have many small files lying about. When this happens, working on your device becomes frustrating.

Astro File Manager, like its name suggests, helps you keep your folders and files neatly organized, so that you can easily find what you’re looking for. Probably the best file manager currently available for Samsung Galaxy S2.

5. TripIt

If you’re a great traveler you’ll absolutely love TripIt. It lets you prepare a journey by gathering specific information from a variety of maps, and compiling this information into an email that then gets sent to your email inbox. If you’re an ardent user of Google Maps you’ll appreciate TripIt’s complementary features.

6. NetQin Antivirus for Samsung Galaxy S2

So many smartphone users today use their devices to surf the Web that spammers and hackers are not wasting any time to exploit security vulnerabilities and steal users’ personal information and do other mischief. Spammers, in particular, are very busy at the moment targeting smartphone users. One of the best Samsung Galaxy S2 free apps.

So, if you use your Galaxy S2 to access the Web you’re in danger too. A simple way to protect yourself is to grab a capable anti-virus. While there are a few solutions in the Samsung App Store, NetQin Antivirus is arguably the best free one you can get. Also there are number of Games for Samsung Galaxy S2 available in the market, I will soon come up with the post of Games for Galaxy S2.

Do you know more better Samsung Galaxy S2 Apps?


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