Norton AntiVirus 2011- The Pros and the Cons

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The Norton AntiVirus 2011 comes with a few jazzed-up upgrades that could certainly improve the PC user’s computer protection. As we all knows that Symantec has been a pioneer in antivirus software for years now and having been around for so long, one wonders if there’s anything new to be expected from its Norton software.

Here are a few Pros and Cons that could help prospective buyers make an informed decision.

Pro – Hassle-free and quick installation

When it comes to installing the Norton AntiVirus 2011 software, the user needs no expert support whatsoever. The software is really simple to install and the installation is very quick too. After the user hits “Agree and Install”, activating and registering the product happens within just a few minutes; even a definition update is performed during idle time. If the user’s system has any malware, then a reboot may be required soon after installation.

Con – Norton AntiVirus 2011 Scan Speed

Because Norton AntiVirus 2011 offers holistic protection, some users may find scan speeds a bit slow. Sometimes, a full scan to clean the whole system out can take as long as an hour. However, there is a simple solution to bring down the time required for scanning the system – run an application ratings scan on known good programs. This can bring the scan time down to less than a few minutes.

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Pro – Community Support

This new feature is exclusive in the Norton AntiVirus 2011 edition. The version comes with the Norton Insight Network window which presents close-to real-time statistics on files that have been rated by the online Norton Community. Similarly, the brand new ‘repuation scan’ thoroughly checks up on the health of all the files on the PC and offers reports based on three factors – level of trust, prevalence and age. This information is important, since, typically, older, widely prevalent files are deemed to be safer than new files.

Con – Fewer new features

Those looking for a whole array of new features will be disappointed. But one must remember that the Norton AntiVirus 2011 was a highly-ranked product with a whole lot of great features already. The new versions are building on an existing product, so the PC user is protected from newer threats that appear each year.

Pro – Great Test Results

Norton has consistently won the VB100% award from Virus Bulletin, which is to say, it has achieved the pinnacle of antivirus test results. Highly-credible labs, ICSA and West Coast have certified Norton technology for both virus detection and removal. AV-Comparatives, another revered testing lab gave Norton the ADVANCED + rating in the area of ‘on-demand malware removal’.

However, the way the features are presented has also undergone a drastic change, which makes the software really easy to use and navigate. The design though, is more or less the same as last year’s version. But, familiarity is important to help the user work the interface better.

Those who were annoyed with the huge graphic security status indicator in the Norton AntiVirus 2011 main interface window will be glad to hear that it has been shifted up to the taskbar and system tray icons.

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