How to Rename Google Plus Circles

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On Facebook and Twitter , you organize your friends and contacts lists. On Google+ lists are called “Circles.” They not only allow you to organize your contacts according to type of relationship you have with them, but you can easily interact with only members of one of your circles.

Did you know that you can change the name of your circles? If you want to change the name of your google plus circles then follow the simple steps listed below;

How to Rename Google Plus Circles :

  • Go to Circles.
  • Right Click on the Circle you want to rename.
  • Click on Edit Circle.
  • Click on “Rename”
  • Make changes and press the “Save” button.

Example : I have a circle named “The Google Team” and I have added the most popular Google+ team members to the circles. Edit a link on a circle allows me to change the name of the circle. See the screenshot below for details;

You can give any name you want to your Google Plus Circle. It’s very easy to edit the Google plus circles.

Try this tricks and give your google plus circles meaningful names.

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