Great iPad Travel Apps for Your Next Trip

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Now you can easily track your flights, find a great restaurant, or discover the best shopping wherever you travel with iPad travel apps. The App Store is bursting with helpful ipad travel apps. Here are 10 of the best iPad travel apps.

iPad Travel Apps

1. Hipmunk Flight Search

ipad travel apps

Aas the name implies, is an easy way to find and compare flights for purchase. Not only can it find the cheapest flights, but it also factors in something it calls “agony,” which takes travel time and number of stops into account when determining the ideal flight for the user.

2. FastMall

It is for travelers who like to shop on vacation. It provides mall maps for many major tourist shopping centers. The maps can be accessed without the need for GPS or an active WiFi connection.


By downloading and using FastMall’s interactive maps, navigating unfamiliar shopping centers becomes a much simpler proposition.

3. SitOrSquat

Anyone who’s ever suddenly found himself with certain bodily needs in an unfamiliar part of the country will appreciate SitOrSquat, the bathroom-finding app! It uses crowd-sourced information to help the user find a restroom in their immediate area. SitOrSquat currently lists over 65,000 restrooms worldwide.

4. Orient

Orient is a navigational app that works with the iPad’s built-in compass. It shows the direction any given location is from your current location. Orient has a stylish minimalist interface that makes it quick and intuitive to use.

5. AroundMe

AroundMe is a free iPad app for finding nearby locations quickly. It can find banks, bars, gas stations, hotels, attractions, and all other categories of fun or useful places based on one’s GPS location.

6. Maplets

If the iPad’s built-in map app is too vague or generic, Maplets might be the answer. It provides customized maps for over 4,000 areas worldwide.


Maps for parks, metro stations, theme parks, and other places can all be downloaded and browsed in high resolution.

7. Submaps HD

Submaps HD is another map app. However, as the name implies, it caters specifically to subway users. It provides navigation through the subways of sixteen different cities.

8. Cardstar

For frequent flyers and frequent hotel guests, the Cardstar app helps keep their data in order. It can store all of one’s loyalty card numbers, frequent flyer numbers, and guest card numbers in a convenient format.

9. TripIt

TripIt makes trip planning much easier. By simply emailing TripIt one’s travel confirmation, TripIt will generate an itinerary complete with maps and driving directions. The ability to monitor flight status and track frequent flyer miles costs $49 per year, but it may be worth it for the avid traveler.

10. Yelp!

Yelp! is a well-known app, but it is especially useful for any traveler. It locates restaurants, businesses, and other areas of interest based on the user’s location. It also shows user reviews, business hours, and other useful data.

I am sure all these top ten iPad travel apps will make your traveling more rewarding and much less stressful.


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