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Here is the list of top 5 iPhone Business apps. Networking is an important thing when it comes to business. And an iPhone is the perfect phone for those who are indulged in business. There are special iPhone business apps which not only increase the productivity of your phone but makes contacting your clients and colleagues easier.

Business Apps

There are thousands of business apps out there, but choosing the right one which solves your purpose is a real task. Here is a list of business apps you need to have on your iPhone so as to be aware of what you might be missing on your phone.

1) Happening (One of the best iPhone Business Apps)

The very first step to networking is making contacts and connections. You need to broaden your group so as to be known among the big people in your field. There are millions of professionals using the app called Happening which allows one to find events’ happening around and also lets you RSVP in no time.


Happening will keep you updated of the events that will help you make contacts. And you never know – you might just get noticed by a producer and become the next big thing. Go out and explore the world with Happening.

2) LinkedIn

If you are a profession – forget Facebook or orkut; join LinkedIn as lakhs of professional get together there. You can share your work details and get in touch with people of your field.


If you are a business person, it is important for you to make contacts – so get LinkedIn to get linked with professionals in the same field as yours.

3)WorldCard Mobile

Keeping business cards or managing them is a great task. You might even lose them. Keeping track of everybody’s business card is not an easy task. There are various products which help you organize them on your laptop or online – but if we have iPhone, then what is the need of turning on the computer screens. Go mobile!


WorldCard Mobile is a really good app for business card scan and storing of contacts. The app immediately scans the business card and stores it in a secure place so that when you need it, it will easily be available. There is a lite version in case you are a light-weight user. The WordCard Mobile keeps your contacts organized and secure.

4) MeetMe

Nothing can be more irritating than calling up your colleague ten times in day to fix up a meeting at a coffee place or a nearby restaurant. It becomes annoying when you cannot figure out where to meet for a meeting or deal. For such situation, MeetMe which comes in a small price is an amazing app which helps you meet your client or colleague in the middle. For example, you put two locations on this app – one where you are and the other, your colleague’s location.


And then the app figures out which is the closest location for both the parties to reach.  The app will find a perfect location which is not too far or not to close but the same distance for both the parties which makes work easier and less fussy. Why spend too much money talking over the phone and sending emails trying to figure out a place to fix a meeting. MeetMe is the most convenient app for a business person.

5) Skype

With Skype iPhone app, you will always be connect with your clients, friends and so on.   The Skype app lets you make Skype calls and use the type chat to stay connected to your team members, clients, friends and family.  The beautiful thing about the app is that, since it is free, you won’t have to use up your minutes all of the time.


You can even do video calls from the Skype app, which will save you from using up your minutes doing Facetime calls from your iPhone.

There are many other business apps which can be used to increase the productivity of your work and make life easier.All iPhone Business Apps mentioned here are specialize in making your work a lot more organized and easy.


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