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For generations people have clamored for the ability to see who they were talking to with video phones using video calling app. Early cartoons like the “Jetsons” portrayed them in use and, although the technology was available, having a video call on the cell phone was, until recently only a wish. There’s nothing like “being there” during a special occasion, but when you can’t be there at birthday parties, anniversary celebrations or other events, being able to show your face during a video call can almost be as much fun.

New Dimensions in Video Calling

With two integrated cameras in the iPhone 4, you can not only see who you are talking to and gauge their reactions, you can use the back-facing camera to give the caller a video picture of what they are missing. The camera installed in the front of the device has been especially synched for FaceTime Video Calling with the correct field of view and the right focal length to focus on your face when you make a call, always providing your called party with the best possible image of you. The back camera can be used to show another image to your caller while your face remains in the image, in a smaller box on the screen.

For example, you are attending an anniversary party and one of your siblings could not make it. You can call them up and have a video call with them. When it comes time for the gifts to be opened, you can aim the back camera at the celebrants and, while your image becomes smaller on the screen, the missing sibling can watch them open the present they sent. This provides a whole new dimension to video calling.

Benefits of the FaceTime Video Calling App

Although video calls have been available with applications such as Skype, the new FaceTime app on the iPhone 4, allows you to remain in the picture while you offer others views to your party. With programs such as Skype, the single camera has to focus on the subject and if you want to offer another display, you have to move the camera, and if on a computer, the entire thing may have to be moved.

Another example where this can be a benefit is when a friend or relative wants to give you a virtual tour of their new home. They can call you up and then activate the back camera. As they walk through the home you can see what it looks like, all the while seeing the look on their face through the front camera and judge how excited they are about their new residence. New babies can also be shown to others with FaceTime without having to hold the phone to infant’s face. The new mom or dad can talk to you while they aim the back facing camera at the new arrival, offering a better view than would otherwise be available.

Switching back and forth between the front and back camera requires only a simple tap on the screen. Once the call has been initiated, the receiving party answers the call the video call can begin. A simple tap turns on the back facing camera, minimizing your face as the caller and another tap switches the image your called party sees.

So guys, if you know some best video calling apps then you can share with us via comments.


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