5 Best Mobile Wedding Apps for Perfect Wedding Planning

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I have compiled a list of wedding apps for perfect wedding planning. Mobile apps for couples were limited to special wallpaper and the like until recently. Of course, nothing can be more exciting that seeing the image of your loved one pop up on your cell every time he calls (and more annoying with time).

However, iPhone users have come up with something more than that – namely, Wedding Apps-planning applications for mobile devices.

Wedding Apps for iPhone/ iPad

1. My Wedding Concierge

My Wedding Concierge Inspiration Engine Wedding Apps allows brides to search through thousands of wedding blogs for wedding inspiration on the go. Simply type in your desired keywords and let our search engine do the work for you. Returned results are highly curated and gorgeous.

My Wedding Concierge is a useful and inspiring iPad wedding apps. It allows you to search through lists of wedding blogs, of which there are many, for “inspiration”.

2. The Knot

One example of such is The Knot. This is a website where couples can create budgets, import guest lists, chat with other soon-to-be-newlyweds online, or look at photos of other weddings. This option is also available to BlackBerry and Android users.


 This is one of the best wedding apps also features a countdown (days left until the big day), special categories, dates and reminders, a wedding dress “book” where the future bride can enter personal data to find the most suitable wedding dress, and a special feature called Wedding 911. Wedding 911 is a collection of the most common wedding questions, which are then sorted into eight categories and answered by a professional.

3. Brides Wedding Genius

Another such free iPhone app you can try is the Brides Wedding Genius. This app lets you search for the best dress, jewelry, and travel destinations for your wedding or honeymoon, and more.


You can enter preferences like destinations, ring style and/or price, dress type, and more, and the app will give you the possible options.

4. iWedding Deluxe

The iWedding Deluxe iPhone app is very effective if you have a lot of contacts in your iPhone. It is very easy to move them over to the app. This way you can keep the names of transport companies, rental companies, photographers and other relevant entities in one place.


The app also features a countdown, wedding venues in the area, budget tips, wedding vendors nearby and more.

5. Wedding Budget

To plan a perfect wedding you will need Wedding Budget which is a necessary tool for today’s bride and groom to set up their wedding budget, keep track of expenses and shows a clear view of over/under budget status.


You can easily adjust budget of each wedding component as planning goes along. BlackBerry and Android users have a more limited specter to choose from. Android has the app MyWeddingBudget and BlackBerry has the Wedding Organizer. According to online reviews, both of these have far fewer features than any iPhone app.

The app WeddingWire was recently developed for Android platforms and has proven rather useful. The site WeddingWire.com allows future spouses to look for, compare, and book wedding vendors and is accessible via this app. It is free and features a checklist, budget, and guest-list tools among other options.

On a less pleasant note, unhappy couples can also take advantage of certain mobile apps. We all know it is a fine line between love and hate – indeed, they are sometimes two sides of the same coin. Fortunately for us all, there are useful applications for all kinds of people. It was recently reported that couples could soon divorce on cell phones.

Not surprisingly, the pilot initiative is in Scotland. The main advantage of this divorce method is the low cost. As the joke goes, “What is the Grand Canyon? A Scot lost a coin in a ditch”.

If you know some more wedding apps other than this then you can share with us via comments below.


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