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Etching for a game of pool? Thanks to modern technology we can carry a digital pool table where ever we go. So if you’re looking to brush up on your pool skills at work, on the train or while waiting in line somewhere, look no further than your smart phone.

Pool Game Apps

With unlimited choices of games and apps, things can get a bit overwhelming. Here is a list of some of the best smart phone apps for pool.

Pool by Byterun

If you’re looking for a simple game of 8 ball you can try Pool by Byterun. This game is highly user rated with modes for one or two players and you can use both hands. 3D graphics and hint options for precise aiming make this low priced app a great simple option to get started.

Vegas Pool Sharks Lite and Killer Pool Lite

If you’re strickly a free app user, there are a couple of exciting apps that allow you a free download then an optional upgrade if you want more features. A couple of these options with a fun twist are Vegas Pool Sharks Lite and Killer Pool Lite; both favourites among app users. Try them out and if you like them, download the full versions for top of the line graphics and award winning app excitement.

Vegas Pool Shark allows you to play against the seediest of the Las Vegas underground, you could end up betting your car title, mortgage and kids’ college fund. Killer Pool offers custom graphics and background music, and brags the most realistic looking pool experience with precision physics including authentic spin and swerve. Killer Pool even offers a game option with an octagonal table.

Midnight Pool

If you want to try a virtual bar atmosphere in America, try Midnight Pool. Described as having the best 3D graphics and top reviews among bloggers and users, Midnight Pool lets you choose from 7 different bars and 3 different sets of rules. Truly escape that boring work day with a game of pool at a virtual pub. Beer and bar snacks sold separately.

Hotshot Pool and Pool Ninja

If you’re looking for non-traditional style apps, still a pool table but with some extra challenges, a popular free pool app to try is called Hotshot Pool. This game uses the common app approach of completing levels and moving on to the next. You even get to select a girl to accompany your unlocked scoreboard.

This same idea is expanded with another favourite app called Pool Ninja. With 60 different challenges and three difficulty levels you’re sure to find a new way to play with your pool cue and balls. You can compete with your friends and other players from around the world, all from your secret Japanese training dojo. Find out who truly is the Pool Ninja.

Now there’s no excuse not to practice your pools skills with all the options available for your smart phone. Will playing apps make you better at the real thing? No one knows the answer to that, but it sure is a fun way to pass the time and play this challenging, world renowned game anytime, anywhere, all at your finger tips.


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