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Skype has now provided a new trend. This trend enables you to call from your iPhone. Apple iPhone users are sure to earn great benefits from this trend. People who thought this wasn’t possible earlier have an answer now and it sure was a surprising experience for them. This new release of Skype provides functionality similar to calling from your PC. This allows you to chat as well as make a contact list.

iPhone4 Skype gives users the opportunity to make a free call but this doesn’t work for other numbers. There are so many features in Skype call. Features like holding call, turning speakers ON/OFF and muting the speakers. It requires AJAX remote control voice functionality at your system.

You don’t need any thing for your phone, SoonR Talk supports AJAX. You can also access SoonR via it’s a website where you can easily login. This is a client exercise and it requires 128 bit SSL to stay connected with SoonR service. After logging in, all you’ll need is a handset to begin making calls. AJAX client enables you to login. After logging in, you can talk to your friends and family.

When a call is made from Skype, SoonR connects you with Skype to call your friends via Skype IP network. Then, SoonR will allow you to make conference call, if intended. The best thing Skype provides is that you can call your friends on Skype or landline number, regardless of them being online or even not. SoonR interface restore your page for receiving news replies.

Skype transforms your voice into data and sends it to the recipients. At recipient’s end, data is again transformed into voice. It also provides the opportunity to iPhone users to make calls. All it needs is Wi-Fi to get you going. Wireless network support the calls so Wi-Fi is necessary. iPhone touch users require microphones. Wi-Fi allows making internet phone calls. Skype lets you make free calls to other Skype users and pay for other user’s call.

Skype users have the ability to add filters to categorize their friends. There are so many features offered by Skype such as video conferencing. You can also accept incoming conference call. It also facilitated you to jump to a second call. You can use your Skype credit to call your friends and family as well. Skype iPhone application has been tested and gives outstanding results. Though, when using 3G, phone calls can’t be made and chats can’t be done.

Skype is a champion for video calling and offers unbeatable call quality. It is fast and clear. Mobile video is becoming increasingly important for users. Apple now recognizes the value of video call in mobile. Apple provides the FaceTime application which is an open platform for video calling.

Apple is now going to produce best mobile video through the use of FaceTime. It will provide best video calling not only for the Skype users on iPhone but also for the desktops, TV’s and other devices. Thus, Skype is the best platform for providing video calls on iPhone4 and PC. It’s fast and reliable and will be the best communication tool for Apple iPhone users.


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