7 Signs Your Business Needs a Mobile App

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Mobile apps are all the rage in smart tech, but they’re not necessarily the right fit for every company. So how do you know whether you’re making the right choice when you get a new mobile app designed?


Here are 7 signs to look out for that indicate you shouldn’t just be thinking about designing an app– you should have had it up and running yesterday.

1. Your customers order online

This is the biggest and most important sign, and it’s a really obvious one. Do your customers go to your website in order to make a purchase? If the answer is yes, then you could seriously do with a mobile app.

The majority of web users browse using smartphones or tablets at least some of the time, and looking at a traditional website can be difficult in this format, even if it’s optimised for mobile. With an app, users can place an order with much less hassle. This is bound to increase the number of orders you get too, and will be well worth the investment.

2. You have lots of information to share

If you have a lot of information that your customers might want to know about, then expecting them to visit a website on their mobile is little cruel. No one wants to spend time pinching and zooming, squinting at the screen, and waiting for slow page loads on their mobile. They want to tap an app, find the info, and go – it’s that simple.

3. Your service can be used on the go

If your customers are likely to be out and about when they need you, you should create an app for mobile access so that you are never very far away. What fits into this category?

Well, plenty of things. Timed services like lessons or appointments should allow customers to check times as they travel. Restaurants and shops should have information on location and opening times. If you are providing a mobile service – something that focuses around a smartphone or tablet – then it’s a no-brainer. Be where your customers are, wherever they may be.

Also there is an option of Mobile Trading where there is a flexibility and market exposure that mobile devices bring to trading are highly beneficial. A good way to trade on mobile is to download mobile apps and start one-click trading fast and seamless.

4. Your customers don’t carry cash, or are in a rush

Do your customers seem to object to paying with cash or credit card? An app could be the answer. Some restaurants are starting to accept mobile payments through apps, so that customers can pay at their table and leave rather than waiting for a lengthy bill process. This could be great for retail solutions as well.

5. You already have an old app

If you have an app that is more than a year or so old, it’s probably out of date. There’s no question on that front: it just is. All successful businesses have to innovate and change with the times. If your users aren’t checking in to the mobile app as often, or it doesn’t look as high-tech as it used to, make a change. A full redesign could bring old customers back to see what’s changed.

6. Your service suits push notifications

Could you send push notifications to your customers? If yes, then an app is great for you. This works particularly well if you need to remind them to book appointments or to buy a top-up of your product. You can also use it to promote sales.

7. You want brand loyalty

Your app doesn’t have to be all about sales. It can also drive brand loyalty. Offer something of extra value in your app and watch your customers come back time and again.

Not having an app these days can make businesses look old-fashioned. Don’t take the risk – get your mobile app designed as soon as possible.


Kelly Smith

Article by Kelly

Kelly Smith works at CourseFinder, an Australian online education resource. She is passionate about the Australian startup scene and new marketing trends.

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