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If you are one of the iPhone user then sometimes you eventually dropped it a lot as well. It’s very important thing that we need to protect phones.  iPhone case will help you to protect it. The rugged and tough OtterBox iPhone cases were designed to offer the most in protection while being easy to carry. With the Otterbox iPhone 3G/3GS Defender Case, you can ease your mind knowing that your iPhone is protected. Because accidents occur, this heavy-duty cover is manufactured with an outside silicone skin to absorb most impacts.

OtterBox is well known for iPhone rugged cases, they provide complete protection, which means not only are all the sides and back covered (the buttons work through pass-through buttons), there’s a built-in screen protector that works through their patented touch-screen membrane. Clever design allows for easy access to the ports of your device whether for charging, plugging in your headphones or simply taking a picture.


  • Open access to sync/charge and headphone jacks.
  • Use of all buttons accessible through case.
  • Added bump, drop, and shock protection.
  • Sleek, slim fit to Apple device.
  • Open access to speakers, microphone and camera.
  • Includes holster style swivel belt.

You can purchase cases for your iPhone with They are the leader in sales for the OtterBox iPhone is an emerging superstore dedicated to the fast paced, highly competitive market of consumer electronics and their accessories. So order a iPhone case for your phone online with TheBuyFly, the transaction is 100% safe and secure with them.

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