G Pad 8.3 Tablet: A High Resolution Tablet from LG

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LG was earlier a common household name for only home appliances. Though the group had gained a lot of recognition for their appliances sector, they were neither the most favored name nor the first option when it came to gadgets of any kind.

A couple of years back all that changed when LG vigorously started concentrating on their communication division. Just when the smartphone and tablet started picking up, LG decided to jump into the race by completely revamping their gadgets and updating them with the latest hardware and software.


Their effort proved to be a success and their Optimus line of gadgets started getting noticed. Today, LG is one of the fore- players in the Android markets.

The gadgets released by LG are not only feature-rich, but also comes in a design and price that immediately grabs the attention of gadget consumers worldwide. In fact, the company’s gadgets were often seen in the lists like ‘The 25 Best Gadgets’, ‘Most Popular Phones’, ‘Most Budget-friendly gadgets’, and more.

LG has not broken their pace when it comes to releasing new gadgets. In fact, they strive in keeping the audience happy by coming up with gadgets that surpass the features of their previous releases. Their latest release is the GPad 8.3, a high resolution tablet which was finally unveiled after one of the worst-kept secret in the world of mobile technology!

With companies scratching their heads about their next tablet range, LG has come out guns blazing with their G Pad release. It is still early days to wonder if their latest tablet will fare better than their last Optimus Pad which was released in 2011. However, a lot of water has gone under the bridge these two years and LG is making sure of not repeating their past mistakes.

Through G Pad 8.3, the company is officially making a re-entry into the tablet market. The Korean company’s latest tablet is going to be released with the tag as the first 8-inch tablet with a full HD display. The tagline has definitely pricked the interests of customers and critics alike. Here is a detailed review about the pros and cons of the company’s latest tablet:

The G Pad 8.3 features and specifications


The obvious feature specification is the tablet’s 8.3-inch screen. The device does win brownie points for its screen resolution. It does look like the company had gone to great lengths to make sure a whopping 1920 X 1200 pixels is squeezed into the compact space.

For those who are keeping tabs on the calculations, the screen carries a definite 273 pixels an inch! The number is close to Google’s Nexus 7 which had a 323 PPI in a 7-inch screen.

At the first glance, the tablet definitely looks sleek and smooth with rounded edges, which has become an unannounced design rule today. It is not a light-weight gadget with its 11.92 oz (338 grams).

The thickness is just 8.3mm (0.33 inches). However, when compared to the likeness of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8.0 and Apple’s iPad Mini, LG’s G Pad is definitely thicker! But again, neither of the former devices packs the resolution that the Korean company offers.

The hardware:

G Pad doesn’t lack when it comes to back-up. It carries Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 600 processor, 2 GB RAM and a solid 16 GB internal storage and a long-lasting 4,600 mAh battery. These specifications are more than enough for anyone, from a gaming geek to a casual browser.

The software:

Again not a surprise: the tablet runs on Android 4.2.2, the latest and the most updated version released by Google. It does have a few of LG’s standard touches on top. The Korean company has made sure the device packs a few unique features as well. Some of the tablet’s highlight features include:

  • Slide Aside: Though there are a lot of unique features available, it is still hard to multi-task on a compact device. Slide Aside helps the user to do just that. It is a feature that enables multi-tasking by sliding an app off-screen using a three finger tap.

  • QSlide: Often people like to open more than one tab on their window. Though this is possible on a laptop or computer, this cannot be done in a lot of gadgets. QSlide enables users to open three apps simultaneously in the same window.

  • KnockOn: Users don’t have to use the side or top button to turn on and off the screen any longer. All one has to do is tap twice on the display to turn it on and off.


It is the most important factor that governs the popularity of any device today. Though LG has unveiled their next-in-line device, they are keeping its price a guarded secret. The company is yet to officially announce the price bracket for their G Pad.

Though LG’s gadgets have never exactly been on the expensive side, it is still early days to predict the price of G Pad. For one, the name rings a close bell to Apple’s iPad Mini. The company could be sending an indirect message through its tablet’s name. However, people have to wait more to know its price.

Will LG G Pad 8.3 surpass its superiors?

Well that’s doubtful! Though the company is using the cliché marketing tagline of ‘first ever’, people are going to think twice before choosing the G Pad. If the same tablet had been released a few years back, it would have been a roaring success in no time.

Now, there are just too many tablets and myriad brands that are fighting to stay afloat in the Android market. With giants like Galaxy S4 and HTC One around, G Pad’s success hugely depends on its price. If the Korean company is planning on an ‘exclusive’ price, the company definitely has to think twice.

Though LG is one of the top competitors, their products are never considered high-range! Will the gadget be popular? Well, it may not pass the marketing popularity of iPad Mini which comes with a Retina Display.


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