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FileTwt is a interesting online web service that lets you share files on Twitter for Free. Filetwt allows twitter users to upload a file and tweet about it automatically to their twitter account. FileTwt also allow users to send file links as direct messages for sharing private files.So you can share other type of files with this free service now.

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How to ?

  • Visit Filetwt homepage.
  • To share any file on Twitter, just upload the file.
  • Now provide your Twitter username and password, and write a small tweet.
  • FileTwt will then append the URL of the file to your tweet, and will post the tweet to your account.
  • Anyone can click on that link to access the file.

Filetwt provides two types of file sharing modes, public and private mode. If you want to use the private mode then you have to register with them.Register free account with them and  you can share files upto 20 MB through FileTwt.

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Filetwt make sending files to your Twitter friends as easy as possible. So just give it a try and share large files with your twitter friennds/followers.Use Filetwt and do share your experience with us and our readers!

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