How To Know Who Blocked You on Google Talk

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If you are curious to know that someone has blocked you on Gtalk then you can easily find the person who avoiding you and blocked you. Sometimes you noticed that your friends is not contacting you , even when you send messages to them they never reply back. It means either he/she avoiding you or blocked you in gtalk.Would you like to find out who are those people who have blocked you on GTalk?

Here’s an easy way to do that.This can be done using the chat client Pidgin. Pidgin allows you to chat across multiple networks simultaneously. It means that you can chat with your MSN, GTalk, Yahoo and other online buddies all at the same time from one single IM client.

Just follow the simple steps :

Step 1 : Download & Install Pidgin.

Step 2 : Configure Pidgin for Google Talk using the following steps :

a) Add Gtalk account to Pidgin, Go to Accounts > Manage > Add, this will bring a new window Add Accounts ;


b) Enter you gmail account details as shown in the following image, Keep Protocol as XMPP , Domain as and Resource as HOME,


c) Now click on Advance Tab in the same window; and make the settings as shown in the following figure.


d) That’s it. You are done with Pidgin settings. Now lets find out who has blocked you on Gtalk.

Step 3 : Sign in to Pidgin with your Google Talk account, Go to Buddies > Show Offline Buddies.


Step 4 : If someone has blocked you on Gtalk , then they appear offline just like other offline contacts who are really offline.

Step 5 : Select the contact from the list and then Right click, click on Get Info.

Step 6: Once you click on Get Info then it will show the some info about the profile of the person. But if the person has blocked you on Google Talk, you won’t be able to see his/her full profile. You can’t even see his/her profile name.

6 5

So if you get the profile info like the left side image means this person has not blocked you. But if you get the blank screen like the right side image, it means this contact has blocked you and doesn’t wish to talk to you.


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