Insync for Gmail : Backup Your Attachments on Google Drive or Dropbox

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Insync offers an application that lets you synchronize your Google Drive account on your desktop. For now, this is probably the best synchronization tool for Google Drive. A new service offered by this company allows you to save your attachments directly on Google Drive.

To add your attachments on Google Drive or Dropbox, which you think is better backup service, Insync team has devised an ingenious way. You open the message containing the attachment and you assign a label (@Drive). Your attachments will be immediately transferred to the Google Drive account you have authorized  with the app. To use it, just label an email (with an attachment) using @Drive or @Dropbox. That’s it.

Unlike the client Google Drive for Mac and Windows, Insync supports MCCs management. You can therefore decide that the attachments from your Gmail account will safeguard your standard Google Apps space. Insync can also backup your attachments on Dropbox.


Some time ago, I presented a similar service which is called and SyncDocs. This service is bidirectional, in that it is also possible to add a link that contains an attachment from Drobox or Google Drive to your message.

By cons, if all your documents are available on Google Drive, you may prefer to use Insync. It has the advantage of offering a complete management of your Drive accounts.

If you are thinking if there are lots of cloud based services already available on the web like DropBox, Google Drive, SkyDrive and so on, then why we should use Insync ? Then here are some reasons –  Insync lets you manage your files and multiple Google Drive  accounts in one machine. Also You can even work on your Google Docs file whenever you’re not online and also InSync runs on different mobile platforms including iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Android and desktop platforms including Windows, Mac and soon on Linux.

Link : InSync


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