Eye-opening Reasons Why Your Team Have Poor Levels Of Productivity

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The work-day slump is something we’re all familiar with. Sometimes a lack of motivation gets the better of us and that’s perfectly normal. But when you’re a manager in a business and your colleagues are experiencing a lack of productivity throughout the working week, then it’s not just output levels that suffer – the business may struggle to meet your customer’s demands and ultimately, it reflects poorly on your department and your leadership skills.

To tackle this issue head-on, you need to understand why this might be happening and what is causing these lulls inefficiency. Read on for some eye-opening reasons why your team has poor levels of productivity.

Your software is outdated

If your current choice of technology and software isn’t fitting for your purpose, or they haven’t evolved as your department has grown, then your colleagues are going to struggle to complete menial tasks quickly and efficiently. If a simple task takes twice as long as it should, then it can easily create a downward spiral of discouragement – something which is incredibly infectious in the workplace. Updating your software is a simple step that will benefit everyone, including you.

If your co-workers are spending hours trawling through hundreds of thousands of digital images and files for example, then upgrading your systems to include digital image management software will make their lives much easier. It also means fewer mistakes and increased levels of security. Taking care of all your digital assets is great news for your marketing strategy and consistent brand identity. So, consider speaking to your boss about upgrading your software to reap the benefits.

A toxic working environment

On a more personal level, one of the reasons your team could be experiencing lulls in productivity is due to a toxic working environment. Sadly, even today workplace bullying is still a prevalent issue, with some employees taking advantage of others, or being deliberately hurtful towards them.

Any victim of workplace bullying or harassment will always question their position within the organization and the personal hurt that comes with bullying can have a direct impact on their output levels. Enforcing an anti-bullying policy in your department and developing an open and honest workplace culture where employees are encouraged to come forward with problems will help put a stop to this problem.

Too many meetings

Meetings are an integral part of any business. Whether you’re discussing ideas, offering group feedback, or working through company updates, regular meetings are part of everyday working life. However, too many meetings can be counter-productive.

They prevent employees from gaining momentum and moving from one task to another throughout the day. An hour-long meeting can throw a spanner in the works. Instead of long, arduous meetings encourage quick morning huddles each day to raise any issues and to go through the plan for the day.

Recognition is non-existent

Of course, many people in management argue that their worker’s salaries should be all the motivation they need to work hard. However, it’s just not realistic! If your department doesn’t feel valued at work, then the idea of going above and beyond every single day without any recognition is going to get old – fast. Regular R&R announcements, feedback, and attention directed to those who are working hard will help alleviate the problem.


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