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WebhostingHub was almost unheard of just two years ago but these days, more and more customers are signing up for their hosting plan and their pool of satisfied customers is growing.

There is even more reason why people are rushing to sign up, as they are offering an amazing discount through partnership with$3.95 per month instead of the usual $6.95 per month for their web hosting plan! Check out this special offer on is a popular web hosting resources website that provides a huge reposiroty of web hosting reviews, articles, tutorials and many more. They also provide latest web hosting promotions and discounts where we can sign up with some of the cheapest deals on web hosting! Make sure you check them out if you are thinking of getting yourself a new web host!

Now, let’s get back to WebhostingHub, let’s not be blinded by the price and take a look at what they actually offer under their hosting plan:

No downtime with WebhostingHub

Of course everyone can claim this but the only way to find out is to ask those who are hosting with WebhostingHub or its sister company, InMotion Hosting. InMotion has been around for years and is quite well-known for its reliable servers and network. The team themselves do not tolerate downtime, so backed entirely by Dell servers, your website will no longer be inaccessible at any time.

e-commerce ready

If you are going to use your site as a platform to market and sell your products, you don’t have to purchase additional shopping carts or e-commerce software. They provide their customers with a good selection e-commerce software, namely osCommerce, Zen Shopping Cart, Cube Cart and also Google Checkout. Now you can manage your orders better and your customers will be happier too as shopping is made easy on your site.

 As much disk space and bandwidth you want

It is always better to have as much disk space and bandwidth allocated to you as you’d never know how much contents you will want to upload to your site someday, or how many sites you will possibly manage in the future. Since WebhostingHub allows multiple domains on one account, all of your sites can share this unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

Free site builder

Noobs can now build their own websites too, thanks to the site builder tool that is given for free to all webmasters. Creating a site from scratch is now easy as no programming knowledge is required. There are various templates to choose from as well, so once again, no web design skills are needed. WebhostingHub boasts that you will be able to create a website in 5 minutes!

Free domain name

A domain name is what you need if you set up a new website. So take up WebhostingHub’s offer for a free domain name so that you can save yourself money from having to search and register for a domain.

Seamless host transfer

With all these attractive features above at even more attractive prices, it is only natural that you think of switching from your current host to WebhostingHub. But certain worries might hold you back, such as having to transfer the content yourself, your website will be inaccessible for days and that there is just too much hassle of switching host.

Those are just baseless worries as WebhostingHub will do everything for you if you want to switch hosts. In fact, there will be little to no downtime at all. They will provide you with a temporary URL so that you can continue to upload contents and send emails as your website is being transferred over to their server.

90-day money back guarantee

This is certainly one of the longest periods for money-back guarantee given in web hosting with WebhostingHub. Most other companies just give 30 days, or at most 45 days, for you to change your mind and get your money back.

With 3 months for you to use WebhostingHub’s services, you will have more than enough time to see the good and bad to decide if you want to stick with them. If somehow you do not, then just get your money back!

Now, decide if you want all those from a web host for $3.95 per month, special offer in partnership with That is a crazy steal for other hosting plans charge higher prices but deliver much less. WebhostingHub offers this hard-to-resist price as a limited time offer, slashing its usual price by 43%.


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