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Today I will shared one of the best trick to Control Mouse Pointer with Keyboard on Windows machines. Think, what if one day your mouse stopped working and you have to do an important work, in such a situation you are left with no choice but to make use of Microsoft Windows built-in Mouse Keys to control mouse pointer using your keyboard.

Windows users can control their mouse pointer with the num keypad (The numbers from 1 to 9 on the right side of your keyboard). You just have to turn on the mouse keys. But this is only when you working on Windows XP or older version, as Windows 8 is already in the market and available for download.

This keyboard mouse can performs all tasks same like a normal mouse. Follow the simple steps to Turn on the mouse keys :

Trick 1

1. Go to Control Panel -> Double Click on Accessibility Options


2.When The Accessibility Options Windows appear then  Click on Mouse tab.

3. Check the Use Mouse Keys as shown above.

4.If you want to adjust the pointer speed and tweak more with the options then click on the setting in the same window and select the options that u want.



1.Press Left ALT + Left SHIFT + Num Lock . This will opens a small Mousekeys box.


2.Click Ok to Enable MouseKeys. Once enabled, a MouseKeys icon is displayed in the system tray. You can also increase/decrease the speed of the mouse cursor by clicking Settings.

How to control mouse pointer with keyboard?

7 : Up and Left
8 : Up
9 : Up and Right
4 : Left
6 : Right
1 : Down and Left
2 : Down
3 : Down and Right
Ctrl + Movement Key : Faster Movement (see below to enable)
Shift + Movement Key : Slower Movement (see below to enable)

5 : Mouse Click
+ : Double Click

Ins : Begin Drag
Del : End Drag

/ : Select Left Mouse Button
: Select Right Mouse Button
* : Select Both Mouse Buttons

I hope this will definatley help you to control mouse pointer with keyboard. Let me know if you have any other way known to control mouse pointer with keyboard, share with us via comments below.


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