7 Best Free Recorders for Zoom Meetings in 2020

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Zoom meetings have become a second home to most working-class individuals that are using this video conferencing tool for daily meetings. Some of these meetings are important and in addition to just writing meeting minutes, you might want to record it for future reference.


Even business people might need to record webinars conducted using this platform to distribute it to their intended audience. What are the best free tools to record your screen during Zoom meetings? Here are 7 powerful free recorders for Zoom meetings in 2020:

OBS Studio

OBS can be considered one of the best Screenflow for Mac alternatives because of its straightforward interface. You do not have to spend a lot of time trying to familiarize yourself with the interface to master this tool.

After launching the app, click on “Sources” and create a new source by following on-screen prompts. Once the new source has been created you will be prompted to choose from a variety of apps. Scroll down until you locate Zoom and select this tool. Set up audio preferences and you’re good to go.

Wondershare DemoCreator

Wondershare DemoCreator has been hailed as being one of the greatest screen recorders currently available for free. There are a lot of customizability options this tool offers and you can get used to it without much technical experience.

You can customize the video’s frame rate, audio input, and even video input. It is possible to record webcam video alongside the Zoom meeting on-screen at the same time.


Screencast-O-Matic is a versatile screen recording software program that is available across a variety of platforms. The features provided by this tool are incredible and relatively practical. It offers a variety of recording options such as using direct webcam video and external microphone audio.

If you would like to use only a portion of the screen for Zoom, it is quite easy focusing on that section only when recording. After the meeting has been concluded, you can edit and customize your video and even add some music and text on the screen.

QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player can be used on Mac devices and it is an in-built feature that comes standard with macOS. There is no need to download third-party apps on the App Store all that is needed is launching this screen recorder.

Once it has launched, make the necessary adjustments in terms of video quality, file destination, and allowing microphone recording. QuickTime Player is very simple and straightforward and anyone familiar with the interface of macOS computers will not find any problems using this tool.


VLC is widely popular as a media player but only a handful of people know that this tool can be useful in recording Zoom meetings. Instead of downloading another screen recorder, you can easily use the in-built features that come with this platform. How can you record a Zoom meeting with VLC?

  1. Select the media menu located at the far left corner on VLC.
  2. Scroll down the options until you reach the tab labeled “Open Capture Device”
  3. Click on the “desktop” option on the capture mode menu that will appear
  4. Set all the video preferences
  5. Select the arrow icon located next to the play button
  6. Click on convert when the menu expands
  7. Set up the preferred format and saving destination
  8. Select start recording

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder can be a great option for individuals that do not want to download an app to record their Zoom meetings.

You can record your screen completely online and then customize the video and audio aspects when downloading it. The tool can also record video from the computer’s webcam. It is quite powerful and even gives some of the most powerful desktop apps a run for their money.


ShareX is a free screen recording tool that can be used on Windows devices to record Zoom meetings. You can capture your screen and effortlessly share the video instantaneously on different platforms. Some of the most popular available sharing platforms are YouTube, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

You can even share the video using email to other people. The Zoom meetings you record with this tool can also be edited and annotated to highlight the most important moments. Users can customize their video and audio settings according to personal preferences and intentions.

Final thoughts

If you would like to record your Zoom meetings without paying a cent, these are the best tools currently available on macOS and Windows devices. Some of these tools are online and that offers greater versatility while also eliminating the need to download a desktop app. All of these apps listed above are powerful and can handle any type of pressure that might come their way.


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