SPB Shell 3D : The 3D Interface For Your Android Phone

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SPB Shell 3D is truly a next generation mobile user interface.  SPB Shell 3D is an android user interface or you can say launcher which sports a 3D Home screen launcher, smart folders, 3D widgets and a slew of other panels and widgets to select from.

SPB Shell 3D

More specifically, SPB Shell 3D provides a rich user experience that transforms your entire screen space into 3D! This launcher will let you display your icons, and other 3D widget. Switch from one application to another by simply sliding your finger from left to right or vice versa. Pressing an icon, your applications are displayed in 3D carousel still. Of course, almost everything is modifiable making SPB Shell 3D something really great! In addition, the flow is the appointment despite what we might have feared.

The screens scroll from side to side as most launchers do, however there is a magic ‘carousel’ button that pings your screen into a spinning wheel of screens, allowing you to flick to the screen you want instead of swiping. You also have smart folders, 3D widgets, cool-looking panels and lavish animations and you have a functioning launcher of the likes not seen before on Android.

Well, as you will understand, I am quite haunted by SPB Shell 3D. But you can have the same feeling as I look at the pictures at the bottom of the article. Have a look to the following video presentation to know more details about SPB Shell 3D.

SPB 3D Shell is a Paid Android Launcher app which is available at the price of $14.95. To buy and Download SPB 3D Shell head to Android Market link which is provided below. Stay tuned with us at Facebook and Twitter to get update on latest Android Apps, games and Live Wallpapers.

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