Corona Isolation: 5 Things You Can Do at Home

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Cultural life is still standing still. Theaters and clubs have closed, most other venues except for a few museums and galleries. The world is ticking a bit slower these days. We all spend more time at home. In addition to watching TV, streaming, and staring at a smartphone, you can also handle your time more sensibly. Maybe use the corona insulation as an opportunity?

Corona Isolation

Here are some suggestions,

Get active

The time at home offers a good opportunity to be active in sports. Lying and sitting too much makes us rust. The time at home offers a good opportunity to be active in sports. Do you have to be shipped in corona isolation to get the dusty sports mat from the attic? Perhaps. Usually, we move a lot more – even the daily drive to work gives us the impression that we have moved enough. Our range of motion is severely restricted during the quarantine.

There is little we can do about it, but with exercise, in the living room or bedroom, we can do something good for our body and mind and improve our wellbeing. We have some inspirations for sports in your own four walls for you. And maybe sports enthusiasm will continue after the Corona crisis …

Find interesting games online

There are countless websites offering games for fun or for gambling. The possibilities are endless, you can find websites in all languages, from Japanese sites like オンラインカジノ 2020 to international well-established gaming providers. These websites offer an entertaining gaming environment for every player.

Get a pet

Pets are great, help with loneliness, but are also a big responsibility. However, the purchase of a pet should be done carefully! Keeping an animal is not fun, but a big responsibility. Nevertheless: Those who do not have childcare and homeschooling around their ears during the corona isolation in addition to the home office may currently have more time than he/she likes, and may also feel a little lonely.

Animals need a lot of care, time, and our attention, which we can hardly offer when we spend most of the week in the office. This is rather possible during the corona insulation. How to take care of a pet after the Corona crisis should, however, be clarified beforehand.

Do unwanted stuff

We have them all: things that we put off before us. The email to the colleague who has been waiting forever. The unpaid bill. The appointment at the dentist.  That’s why you should overcome your inner bastard and do unwanted stuff when you have the time. For example now, during the corona isolation! It is promised: ticking off a checklist has a positive effect on the psyche and lets us fall asleep in the evening with a calmer conscience.

Read unread books

At least half of all books that are on a shelf like this have not been read. Passed over and postponed to a later date, you can now simply take five books and maybe make a beautiful literary discovery that has been dormant for a long time. You don’t even have to leave your own four walls for this. If that’s not enough, you can also get inspiration from our list of 100 Berlin novels that should be read.

Rummage in old memories

The world is bad. Everything goes haywire. Pandemic. There is no other topic. What was actually before ??? The corona insulation is a good opportunity to browse through photo albums and laugh together about old memories. Viewing photo albums together is cozy and fun. And remind us: there is so much we can look forward to when the crisis is over! And maybe you feel like doing the next one right away? Photos can also be ordered and sent online.


Handicrafts have a dusty reputation. In fact, this underestimated craft activity can be so varied and meditative! Theoretically, you can make something out of everything – why not, for example, recycle something and breathe new life into an old object? Now that everyone has them again: these are our tips for tinkering with toilet paper.


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