3 Red Flags When Evaluating or Working with a Managed IT Provider

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Finding the right managed IT services provider can be a challenge for most businesses. Even though there are many options, some of them may do more harm than good for your business.

Managed IT Provider

Whether you want to offer additional support to your in-house team or completely rely on MSPs, you must find a partner that can help you meet your business objectives. The process of trying to find the right provider can be long and complicated, especially if you don’t know how to spot red flags. Even after vetting your MSP thoroughly and settling for one that seems to be great, you may soon find out that it isn’t what you expected.

Tristan Stewart, a Dallas managed IT services professional with Integrated365 shares the following red flags may save you from disappointment.

The Pricing Model Has Many Hidden Costs

This is one of the biggest red flags for when hiring an MSP. One of the biggest benefits of shifting to outsourced IT solutions is that you can save money. You have control over your budget, and you can eliminate downtime, which often leads to losses. With the best managed IT providers, you only need to pay a monthly fee to cover your package. The fee should cover everything you need, including customer support, upgrades, maintenance, and security. While it is easy to overlook hidden costs, they can cost you more than you expect in the long run.

Before hiring an IT provider, ensure that their pricing model aligns with your needs and budget. Watch out for unexpected costs of cancellation, extra bandwidth, or maintenance. If your provider is forcing you to spend more than you anticipated, they may not be your best choice.

Lack of Infrastructure Assessment

Ideally, your managed IT provider should perform thorough assessments regularly. They should work with your business to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Assessments should not be performed just once in a while. They should happen regularly to keep track of the changing needs of your business.

Assessments serve a few essential purposes. First, they help you ensure that you are not susceptible to any security threats. Continuous assessments also ensure that your network is working well. On average, businesses may experience two network outages every month. Even though it is a common problem, assessments may help prevent them.

Friction With Employees

Working with a managed IT provider should help you experience fewer issues. They should feel like a part of your team rather than an unwanted addition. They should be able to work well with your team, especially if you want them to work with your in-house IT department. If your staff cannot trust or work with your MSP, it is a big red flag. If your team views their recommendations as unhelpful or ineffective, they may be right. Find a provider that can work with the rest of your team.

Don’t Settle

Even though finding the right IT provider can be difficult, it isn’t impossible. Finding the right partner is critical to the success of your business. If you realize that your provider is no longer the right fit for you, consider getting a new one. If you ignore the red flags, you may be compromising the security and financial well-being of your business. What starts as low-quality service may end up causing security risks and network outages.

Even though managed service providers are cropping up everywhere, many of them offer subpar service. They may lack the capacity to address your needs. When outsourcing IT support, ensure that you do it right. Look out for common red flags and use them to make the best decision for your business.


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