3 Things to Know About Websites if You are in a Niche Industry

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There are many industries out there that have a very specific set of customers, type of product or services. So, this is important to remember for any marketer or web designer when they come to create a strategy for one of these businesses.

Niche Industry

Whether you need the help of a bespoke web design agency or PR guru, here are a few tips to remember along the way:

You don’t want a one size fits all website

A niche business has a very select audience base and usually a look and feel that ties into that. However, some web designers will offer a ‘fresh out of the box’ template style of web design that they simply lift and use across many various businesses.

This is an ineffective practice for industries that have their own culture, however, as it simply does not work. For example, what may work across various sites within an industry such as beauty will not work for an equestrian supplies shop. So, it is important in these circumstances to enlist the help of a web designer that understands your industry’s ethos.

Online marketing needs to be researched

Online marketing consists of search engine marketing, pay per click and various other disciplines. They all target your consumers by focusing in on key areas that they are shown to be interested in when it comes to your products and services.

For this reason, you need an expert in each discipline that can heavily research your audience’s interests, as they are likely to be harder to define if you are rather a niche.

For example, when it comes to SEO, the search terms that your consumers are likely to be searching in Google for will be very specific. So, these need to be carefully curated by someone who knows what to look for, as otherwise, you could lose out on potential customers.

Press coverage needs to be targeted

In a similar vein, when you are promoting your business through the media, you will need to consider where your customers head to when they want advice. There is no point in getting coverage in the wrong newspapers or magazines, as you need to focus on places that will reach your target audience.

A PR expert that has a broad range of contacts and experiences can lend a hand by offering to put together a media list of very specific contacts that may be suitable. You will then want to ensure that you include your website link in any press releases so that the website associated with the publication can include it within any coverage. This will then help to give your website a boost as well as referring any inquiries directly to yourself.


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