How to Build Backlinks for Brand New or Existing Websites?

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Search Engine Optimization involves a number of matrices that should be implemented on a website for helping it in obtaining a top rank in search engine result pages. It might be confusing for you if you’ve just entered the online world.

Build Backlinks

So, let’s keep it straight!

The backlink is the most critical ranking factor as it indicates the search engines about how your site is valuable to other websites. In short, the more authoritative sites creating linkage with your site’s content, the better rank it will get.

The question that might be popping in your mind could be: “Why rankings are considered so important?” It is because the high ranking is the ultimate source of getting organic traffic on your site. Digital marketing can attract people towards your website, but it will require investment, and the impact wouldn’t last for much longer. Therefore, implementing SEO tactics, and more precisely, building backlinks for your website is crucial.

Many people make the mistake of purchasing backlinks for manipulating their rankings. This practice is explicitly discouraged by search engines like Google, and sooner or later, the sites having low-quality or purchased backlinks will face a downfall in rankings or deindexing. Hence, there is no need to take shortcuts as in this post; I’ll help you find out the best ways of building or earning backlinks. So let’s move on to them:

Start Guest Blogging

The guest posts can help your website in earning not only backlinks but also improving your social media following. With guest blogs, you can find a new audience by posting compelling articles on reputable websites. All you need to do is find sites that accept these posts and hire writers who can provide you with unique and well-structured content.

Remember, the text you’re going to publish on other sites is for exposing your website in front of readers. Therefore, it’s essential to integrate the main keyword naturally in the post that would contain backlink pointing towards your site or its pages.

Use Online Tools

A newly built website will inevitably found it hard to get indexed in search engines. But, with the backlink maker tool by, you can create natural links for your website that will ultimately help the Google crawlers in indexing it. There are no charges associated with this tool, but you shouldn’t entirely depend on this strategy. This is because applying different link building strategies will be more fruitful for your site rather than relying on a single one.

Track and Report Broken Links

This method is probably the easiest one to build backlinks for your site. The first thing you’ve to do is find similar websites of your niche and track the links mentioned on them. If any of the links are broken on that site, you can take the advantage. Reach out the webmaster of that site and inform him/her about the links which are no longer working. As you will be assisting them, it’s time to ask them for a return favor by providing them the alternative of replacing those links with your site’s link.

When reaching out to the webmaster, you should remember that he/she didn’t ask for the favor. Therefore, you’ve to stay polite and chose correct words that would persuade them to create linkage with your site instead of giving you the cold shoulder.

Reach Out to Famous Bloggers

Even the best content on your site won’t get the attention it deserved if you don’t know how to promote it. Most of the readers are more likely to visit popular websites instead of trying new ones. Hence, you need to contact the famous blogging sites and present them with what your site is providing. If they find it worthy enough, they will undoubtedly mention your site’s link in their next blog.

Note: There is no need to ask for backlinks directly as it can create a negative impact on the blogger’s mind.

The Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, there are many other methods of building backlinks, but the ways I’ve mentioned above are the most effective and easiest ones. Therefore, you should use these tactics for building and earning high-quality backlinks pointing towards your site. As a result, your website will gain a high ranking as well as referral traffic from search engines.


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