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How to Install WordPress ? Here is the answer, Whenever you want to install WordPress, there are a couple of simple steps that you will need to consider. They are all described below and all you need to do is to read the information and take the pieces of advice into consideration whenever you want to How to Install WordPress to perform this operation.

1: Download and extract

If you use a provider for hosting then you might already have a version of WordPress installed on your system, better said the installation script for the feature in cPanel Web Software. If not, then you will firstly need to download the archive from and unpack it.

The WordPress package will be installed in a folder called ‘WordPress’ in the same folder when you extract the content of the archive, followed by the command latest.tar.gz, where ‘latest’ can represent any version of WordPress.

2: Creating the database and a new user

If you use a hosting provider then you could create the user and database using the support offered by the provider if you have the option called “CPAN Addons Scripts”, also known as the “Site Software” in certain situations. And always remember to check in cPanel whether there is a field called “Software / Services” and if you already have the latest version installed.

3: Uploading your files

At this point you have to decide where you want the blog to appear on your domain by choosing one of the following options:

• In the root directory of the domain (For example:
• In a subdirectory of the domain (For example:

Optional: Installing a local copy of WordPress

In certain situations, you might want to install WordPress on your home computer, especially if you are a very experienced user and have the necessary knowledge. Please try to use the best background check service recommended to do some investigation if you’re downloading your copy from a suspicious source. If not, this process will require a server running under a Linux distribution or Microsoft Windows Server 2003 with Apache installed, as well as MySQL, PHP + Perl, but that is only valid if you have access to a top-notch Internet connection, because if your internet connection fails, your blog will not function correctly.

Common Errors in How to Install WordPress Process

There are, of course, some certain problems that you can encounter during the installation process of WordPress. However, the support offered on the official website is excellent and you will always find the right solution for you. Moreover, here are some tips that will be useful to you as well:

• If an error occurs to your database while you are running the installation script return to Step 2 and Step 3 and make sure you have entered all the data correctly.
• Make sure you gave the WordPress user full access to the WordPress database
• Make sure the MySQL server is running, or ask your administrator about this.

I hope you guys like the How to Install WordPress article, and it will help you to install WordPress easily.


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