Over Optimization of SEO: 5 Best Tools to Help You Out

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Over Optimization of SEO? Here are 5 Best Tools to Help You Out. The fight to top over different search results (SERPs) has no limit, neither technical nor ethical. There are number of websites which are being permanently or temporarily excluded from Google and other popular search engines owing to their malpractices and for using black hat SEO optimization methods. The reaction time from different search engines are simple to understand.

A number of illegal methods and techniques being employed by the SEO experts simply compromise the search engine results which come in a form of irrelevant and manipulating kind of search results. So, in order to get rid of such compromises, there are couple of tools which help you in getting away from the over optimization of SEO. The below are the five best tools which can help you out in this process.

1). Keyword Density Analyzer

This tool checks out the over optimization carried out for the keyword density. One of the most misused and abused SEO factor is keyword density. Google can easily cite out websites with such abuses and thus it simply penalizes them. In order to play safe in keyword density, you are supposed to choose safe allowable limits which can be carried out with the help of Keyword Density Analyzer. You can also use the tool- Keyword Density Checker for this job.

2). Optimization Checker

This tool checks the over SEO optimization. The over optimization by stating different SEO metrics in a repetitive manner for any keyword can be risky business. By using this tool you can simply check the overall optimization for your site or web page. Optimization Checker simply picks up keywords and phrases from the web page and gives you warning signals.

3). Link Analyzer

This tool helps you in checking the linking manipulations. The search engines can easily sense some manipulation efforts looking at any linking patterns carried out in an unnatural way. For example, the patterns carrying 100 percent nofollow outbound links seen in your website can really give a negative impression compelling search engines to penalize your site. Using the tool Link Analyzer would therefore help you in finding out a safe and correct linking pattern used within any site.

4). Check for duplicate content tool

Duplicate content over your site can really ruin your website’s popularity and authority. Lately, Google along with other search engines have gone very strict over the duplicate content issue. Now you can see them focusing more on quality of content and its uniqueness, hence the sites failing to abide by this rule simply face the punishment from Google and other search engine. Using this tool can help you get away from the duplicate content and thus avoid ambiguity issues faced by the search engines.

5). Site SEO health check and recommendation tool

At times the SEO over focusing can bring in a number of issues including keyword density, image optimization, H1 tag usage, etc. At the same time, your website health too hampers owing to the number of technical aspects being overlooked. It is therefore necessary that all the technical base of your website is correct since it can make the optimization part easy and fast. Using this tool can help you in keeping whether all the basic technical factors are covered or not along with checking the over optimized SE metrics. Knowing these things can help you in the unwanted stuffs.

Final word

Though the SEO over optimization in your website can bring some temporary and quicker results, however, at the long run such manipulations can allow search engines to penalize your site. So it is always better to keep your SEO practices reasonable and avoid crossing the limits. The above five tools will help you in keeping a check over your SEO efforts.


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