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Ingramer is an Instagram bot. Most of the developers hide the fact they have developed a bot, but the developers of Ingramer are highly confident in their product and thus wanted to broadcast it. Now, the reason the bot’s developers are so deceptive with their identity is because certain drawbacks come with it which no developer wants to own.


These drawbacks are, and they are inevitable. Now I haven’t used the INGRAMER yet, but I have read the various reviews and compiled them all for you in this article.


  • This is a very secure site to use for starters. It will not breach your data or hamper the privacy of your account. This one will also improve your Google ranking.
  • There are three options for subscription that you can choose from. The packs have different set of features and a reasonable price. There is an option of buying the subscription for two weeks, one month and three months.
  • There is a 24×7 customer support which is quite impressive. You can clear the air on the issues that are troubling any time of the day. The relief is instant and actually will keep your problems at priority.


  • The only issue I found writing this article was there were very few genuine reviews available. Most of the positive reviews were fake and had highlighted the features of other more expensive bots. So, I doubted the authenticity of the company getting a fake review like that.
  • There is no payment verification procedure for this bot. This means there is no secure mode of payment in this bot. That means you will have your data safe on the official website of Ingramer but while making the purchase your credit card credentials can be hacked.

In my opinion, the bot is not much safe to use. But various features are worth taking the risk for. Even though the pros and cons paint a negative picture, one of my friends has used the bot to bring followers to the company that she was working in. As per her reviews, the Ingramer is a godsend and did wonder by bringing about many followers to the Instagram page. She told me how within seven minutes of signing she saw considerable change in the number of followers.  Following are the features that made a fan of this bot:

  • Automatic generation of likes and comments, this helps her Instagram page to remain at the top of every account holder’s feed for a very long time.
  • She had the accessibility to post on the pre-scheduled time which she decided at the beginning of the week
  • There is automatic generation of followers, which was very high compared to the organic methods. She was able to raise 10,000 followers in a few weeks only
  • There are various tools that come with the pack, which can help you analyse the Instagram account from time to time.
  • There is increased accessibility, effectiveness and safety in using the Ingramer Bot.
  • The user interface is very convenient and also very easy to learn and use. You don’t need to be tech savvy to use this Instagram Bot.
  • One of the things that she was super impressed by was the 24×7 customer support. From the set up to all the day-to-day problems were solved in a snap.

I gave you all the pros and cons along with the review of an actual customer, after this, it is all your decision whether you want to try it or not. You can purchase the two week subscription and see if the Ingramer is the best Instagram growth service for you or not. You will get the correct picture without investing much time and cost.


Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

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