How To Get An Unruly Teen Under Control

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Teenagers are truly unique and are without a doubt one the hardest age groups to handle. This is the age when they actually start to figure some things out on their own and they feel as if they know everything. While teenagers are different, there are a lot of them that thrive on challenging and testing your authority. While others can be very self-destructive to themselves, they may or may not respect those around them.


This makes it extremely difficult to deal with them, but with a little bit of patience, planning, and proper communication, you will finally be able to get through to your unruly teen and make them see the light.

Always Hold On To Your Power And Keep Your Cool

One thing that all difficult teens have in common is that they love to push your buttons and try to make you loose your cool. This is usually accomplished in a variety of different ways like, disobeying, back talking, doing the opposite of what you say, and throwing temper tantrums. Their main goal is to get you to react in a negative manner, because it makes them think that they have power and control over you.

It is going to be very difficult, but the main thing you need to practice when dealing with an unruly teen is keeping your cool. Not only will this show them they don’t have power over you, but it will give you a cooler head, so that you can make better judgments, as how to handle certain situations. If you have to just simply walk away from the situation and come back after you have calmed down.

Get A Medical Check Up

It is possible that your teen many not be in control of his or her on behaviors. There are lot of mental problems like bipolar disorder, depression, and ADHD that can cause your child to act out. The best thing to do is research the symptoms of these illnesses, and if your child is displaying them, you want to take him or her to a doctor for a checkup immediately.

Seek Out A Third Party For Help

You should never be ashamed, if you have an unruly teen that you cannot get under control. This is a fairly common problem among all parents. Never been embarrassed or ashamed to seek out third-party assistance, as a therapist or psychologist can play a very important role. Sometimes an unruly teen can be dealing with personal problems that are causing him or her to act out, and they will not turn to the parent for help. The main reason for this is because they view them as the enemy, but a third-party consultant can be seen as a friend.

Set Forbidden Zones

Unruly teens are more than likely to go to the extreme to upset their parents. Of course, most parents are not going to have the time to spare for monitoring or tracking their teen’s every moment. While it is crucial to set forbidden zones for your child, how are you going to know if they overstepped the boundaries? With parental control apps, like Kidgy it will be possible to monitor your teen’s every movement.

You can set forbidden zones in the app and when the teen crosses into one of these zones, you will receive a notification via your phone. This is a great way to stay on top of your teen’s activities, even when you cannot possibly be there in person.

Keep A Door Open For Communication

Young children tend to talk to their parents about everything, but as the child blooms into a teenager this will soon fade away. Many teens treasure their privacy, making it difficult for them to open up about private matters. However, as a parent it will be up to you to keep a door open for communication at all times. By doing this you will be showing your teen that you are willing and ready to talk about any topic at any time.

Stop Yelling

While some parents the only way to get through to their unruly teen is by yelling at them, this is a huge misconception. In fact, many teens will block out the yelling by focusing other things. You could be screaming in the teens face and they still may not be willing to listen to what you have to say. By sitting down with the teen and talking with them in a quiet environment, you will be able to communicate more effectively.

When you yell and scream your teen will be learning to mimic your behavior. So, they will in turn scream and yell at their children, as well. This behavior will be replicated throughout their life, regardless if you like it or not.


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