5 Techniques to Create Viral Content for Your Blog

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If you want to blog successfully with great results you should use different approaches in order to reach your target audience. One of the newest methods, but a very effective one, is the viral content. It has high potential but is very hard to create because you need to know your readers and followers very well. You need to be able to predict your viewers’ reaction and their response to your post.


Before you even start writing a post that you want to become viral you should first research its topic and verify it. Do your followers have an interest in it? Do they share this kind of topics? Once you do that and you have all the answers you need, you can start creating your viral content. Here are 5 strategies to create viral content that always works and how you should implement them properly.

1. Frequent Social Media Activity

Viral blogging is all about getting your content shared by lots and lots of people. If you want to achieve that you need to have a great number of followers and be considered trustworthy. To achieve those things you need to create weekly social media posts. This way you will engage with your audience and gain their trust and, slow but steady, you’ll increase the number of your followers.

When creating social media posts one source of inspiration that many bloggers don’t pay attention to are their followers. By carefully studying the content they create on your page you can easily produce content that’s relevant to them. This way they’ll become more attracted to your profile because you have similar discussion topics.

2. Motivational Quotes

Everyone needs positivity in their lives and people tend to surround themselves with optimistic persons. When creating viral content motivational quotes are always a good approach because they evoke powerful feelings that make people share your content and help it go viral.

You already did a research on your followers and you already know many things about your audience. By now you are able to choose a quote that will pump up their motivation, evoke positive feelings and make them share your content. Choose the appropriate quote, design a suitable post for it and post it.

3. Linking Your Image to a Well-known Brand

There are two reasons why you should link your image to well-known brands when creating viral posts. First, from a psychological point of view, people tend to trust prominent brands a lot more than your average and obscure brand.

The second reason why this linking is very productive is a technical one. Once you create a post and tag that renowned brand’s social media profile, it will pop up on their profile. This way, their humongous follower-base will be able to see the content you created. This way your post will be up for grabs for a greater number of people.

4. Guest Blogging

Not everyone uses this method when trying to create viral content, but it can be quite effective. First, you need to make a thorough research and find the blogs that are most suitable for your audience, the ones that have a similar audience to yours.

Once you found the blog you want to post on, study it and if you are pleased with what you see, you can contact the owner and start creating posts. The most important aspect of guest blogging is that you have the opportunity of reaching audience similar to yours, thus increase the number of followers you have. Also, by being seen on different trustworthy sites you are able to gain your audience’s trust.

We’ve been talking mostly about the technical part of the creating viral content, but we all know that it is all about emotions. You need to create content that evokes emotions if you want to have viral content.

5. Emotions


Passionate posts and people tend to be trustworthy and tend to connect easier to their audience. Think about the last time you were passionate about something you were doing, how did it feel? Think about that time when you had the chance of practicing your hobby. It was very pleasant and you told this to all your friends, didn’t you? Well, the same thing happens online, if you create passionate content it will be shared massively.


Anxiety is all about the natural survival instinct and it kicks in when we feel we are in a troublesome situation. A good blogger can use it by exposing the problem his customers might bump into. Once you do that you need to describe the potentially unfavorable consequences it might have and how they could act in order to avoid them.


This is a feeling you need to evoke quite often because we tend to hand over control to others. We do that because we are afraid of the consequences a bad action might have. Another reason would that we cannot undertake a large number of actions in a professional manner. This is why many people opt for the services of a realtor when buying or renting a house.


This is what people always want, a good reputation, they want to be well-known and respected. They tend to act this way with their products and social media people they follow. That’s why you’d choose a Mercedes over a Kia even if its price is more than double. It has a great reputation, great quality and your social status will increase accordingly. This is one feeling you should definitely evoke when trying to create viral content for your social networks.

It has a great reputation, great quality and your social status will increase accordingly. This is one feeling you should definitely evoke when trying to create viral content for your social networks.


This is something that your posts and products should always induce. If not you won’t be able to increase the number of followers and you won’t be able to reach the number of shares you want. People don’t share with their friend content that comes from a source they don’t trust. Every piece of information you offer should be trustworthy, logical and fair. It should be thoroughly researched and offered in a friendly manner.


Creating a viral content is a very important tool for a blogger, but it is also a risky one. Before you start such campaign you should first do a thorough research on your audience and see their preferences.

Once you do that, you can brainstorm ideas that will be effective and will gain the confidence of your audience. The easiest way to create viral content is by arousing your audience’s feelings and making them share your content.



Article by Karen

Karen Dikson is marketing expert and blogger from New Jersey. She writes for different marketing and educational resources including https://www.bestessays.com.au. Karen loves to stay up-to-date on the latest digital trends.

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