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In today’s competitive environment, acquiring new leads, nurturing and tracking them is a key characteristic for closing a lead and providing a great user experience. This has led to the emergence of Customer Relationship Management.


CRM allows organizations to develop long-term relationships with new and established customers while modernizing its corporate performance. Moreover, CRM also arms the organization with various tools to understand the prospects better by analyzing the data collected and then using every opportunity to increase the revenue of the business.

However, the use of this software will be beneficial, only if the organization is quite large as most of the functions and features will not be required by any small or mid-size business.

Here, I list down the TOP 5 Real Estate CRM:


Sell.Do is one of the most advanced CRMs currently available in the market. It has been exclusively designed for the real estate industry keeping in mind the requirements of the current players in the industry.

The software has many built-in real-estate specific workflows required by the organizations for their daily functioning and even the small essentials of real estate sales and marketing process that helps the organization to improve sales efficiency along with developing a robust customer base and affiliation with customers.

As a real estate business, there will be no need to plan or brainstorm on various workflows and automated process since everything is designed keeping in mind the requirements of real estate.

The biggest USP of Sell.Do is the detailed marketing report generated by the software that generates KPIs for each stage of the sales cycle. It enables the organization to make certain smart business decisions. Moreover, the organization gets a fully integrated software in 72 hours within a reasonable cost.


Salesforce is one of the world’s leading CRM software. The Salesforce Platform helps an organization to grow its business into a more streamlined, effective and efficient across various functions like sales, service, marketing.

It allows the organization to get a customized solution as per the requirements of the organization. Basically, the organization gets a fully functional system that is designed exactly according to the company processes and workflows. Moreover, to help the organization to provide a better solution to its customers, the software provides the option to integrate with many other external business solutions.

However, it has its drawbacks. It’s a major drawback is the time that it takes for integration and the cost. The integration of this software takes months of time and this software is quite heavy on the pocket.


Freshsales is another advanced CRM that is changing the user’s experience as it is helping the organization to understand the needs of the leads in a better way. Freshsales has a very amazing user experience design that enhances user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided while interacting with the product.

The best part of Freshsales is the ecosystem provided by Freshwork where you can integrate several apps like Freshmarketer and Freshdesk. This helps the users to improve their work and check on with their work without going through many separate applications.

Moreover, it also allows the organizations to customize the software as per its needs. Apart from that, the Freshsales team is always available on calls for any technical issues that may arise.

Lead Squared

Lead Squared is a customer solution that drives the sales of the organization faster. One of the most important things to note about this software is that it has been specifically designed for small and mid-size enterprises and helps it with the process of automation along with providing users with various workflows and charts to provide a better solution and offers to the customers.

Lead Squared

Moreover, LeadSquared also provides users with a variety of marketing and sales features that enhance user satisfaction. Apart from this, the software can also be integrated with various property portals.

This gives an added advantage to the business as it helps to manage and check all the leads and sales. Leadsquared is available at one of the most affordable prices and it is very pocket-friendly. The only thing which the developers could look into is to provide a better interface than the existing one.


Zoho is an award-winning web-based CRM that allows organizations to develop long-term relationships with new and established customers so as to grow its business. Zoho provides the organization with all the essential features to understand the customer better by analyzing the data that in turn helps it to drive its business.

One of the best advantages of Zoho is that it works well regardless of whether the organization is small, large or mid-sized. Moreover, it can be easily integrated with many applications including other Zoho products, outlook, QuickBooks, MailChimp etc.

However, the biggest drawback of CRM is its User-interface. It should be designed in a better way. Moreover, the software is a generic platform and would require a lot of customization which would eventually lead to longer deployment time as well as high cost.


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