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Every system user might face the issue of losing important data at one point or the other. This loss of data can be attributed to undesirable conditions such as unintended deletion of data, unintended formatting of data, and loss of data from PC, laptop or a removable device.

Data Recovery

Such inadvertent loss of data can result in actual loss to the user in many terms. To recover any lost data in the said forms, the new EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard aids a user in the most convenient and suitable form. With more than a dozen features to take credit for, this software is what you need in times of unexpected data loss.

Features of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Let us now discuss some of the handy features of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.


Easy recovery option

The sophisticated features of the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard enable a user to recover lost data from unplanned deletion and formatting, virus attacking and system failures from internal and external devices. Recovery data includes pictures, videos, audios, emails and documents. Recovery from various platforms also includes digital devices, servers and storage media.

Multiple data recovery features

The software specialises in offering customisable services to users. The software comes inbuilt with two different scanning modes: quick scan and deep scan.

While the quick scan can help find and recover deleted files windows, deep scan will enable a user to find formatted, inaccessible or lost files. User is given the option to choose the type of scan he wishes to be conducted by the software in order to save his time and achieve results quicker.

Preview before recovery

Offering a higher level of customisation to its users, the software enables the users to specify exactly which recovery file types he wishes the software to scan for, in order to achieve targeted and precise results. Users can filter their searches as per file names, file types, date of file etc. so that they can search for a particular file or folder in a short span of time.

This comes in handy when a user is short of time and wants to locate a particular file on immediate basis. Once the software detects the files that a user is searching for, users have the option to preview those files to determine their quality and details before restoring them.

Safety of use

The simplicity, with which this software is designed, enables a user to get results in three simple steps. There is no hassle involved in installing the software and further using it. Even those users who are not very well equipped with technical knowledge can easily make use of this software.

One only needs to follow the details and instructions at each step provided by the software to successfully achieve the target of the software.

The user friendly interface allows a user to comprehend the ongoing procedure during the recovery process. Moreover, the software eliminates all issues involving safety issues as it is proven to be completely safe and secure for use, without causing any damage to devices or any media.


Multiple options

Besides the underlying data recovery feature, the EaseUS data recovery software free intelligently offers the features of emptying recycle bin, solving operating system crash issues, partition loss issues and tackling virus attacks.

These features combine to give the best data recovery software in the market to users at free of cost. It is simple to install on all operating systems and can be used as needed. All that a user has to do is to launch the software and let it scan your device. The level of effectiveness and safety of use makes it a must have for users carrying sensitive data.


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