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With the Classic PDF Editor Software’s exquisite reading experience, you can feel the innovation. The Classic Best PDF Editor is compatible with almost all the operating systems. Classic PDF provides you with the quality that makes it the best PDF reading software. It has a very specialized Zoom In magnification up to more than 6400% followed by an extensive list of toolbars that make reading more simplified. You can either view a single page in a PDF file or view all the pages continuously.

You can also split a page in two or make a split flow of the documents. Page size is adjustable; you can also rotate the page(s) left and right. The ribbon below the menu toolbar provides a bunch of buttons for users’ convenience, screenshot taken on Windows 7 PDF Editor.

You can clearly see the variety of buttons for performing any kind of action, while reading. One of the most interesting features is the Email option,  you can simply email a document to a third party after reading the document or if there is any editing required, you can also edit it before sending.

Video demo of Classic PDF Editor eBook reader

Printing the document is another very important feature, after reading the whole Windows PDF file you can take printouts by selecting Classic PDF editor as a printer. Simply click on the Print button, an assistant will be opened, select the printer named Classic PDF editor, press the OK button, and take the printouts.

Classic PDF Editor is a best PDF reader has a find button that helps you to search for a specific string, assisting you to search your desired words or sentences with absolute ease. Navigation toolbar helps you to jump directly to your desired page number. Simply put your desired page number in the Navigation Toolbar.

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