How To Tell if Your PC Computer Needs Professional Repair

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We have all been there. We are working, or gaming, or casually browsing, and suddenly our PC computer freezes up, or starts whirring really loudly, or flashes us an error message that no average user will ever understand – or just hands down dies. The horror.

Professional Repair

Considering how heavily we all depend on our machines nowadays, we should all be able to do some basic troubleshooting and maintenance on our own. However, even then we should know when the issue is beyond us, and when the actual hardware needs some loving repair work. Read on for a few hints.

Slowing regular tasks down to snail speed


This is one of the most common problems with PC computers, and usually the very first warning sign that users notice. There are loads of different reasons why your computer might be suddenly running much slower than usual.

Some of those include lack of space on the hard drive, malware, a fragmented system, running programs that eat up a lot of resources, or using a system which is too old for your current program lineup. You can learn more about these issues at

Sadly, for various reasons, many PC users disregard these things until the machine becomes completely unusable. A slow computer is often the sign of your hard drive edging on failure. This can be easily fixed, with minimum data loss, if you catch it early, but delaying the call to the repair person tends to result in the troublesome and pricey rebuilding of the entire OS and reinstalling all software – not to mention irretrievably losing your data.

Getting heated and/ or noisy while working

Any computer heats up while working; that is normal, but excessive heat is a major red flag! The usual problem is accumulated dirt, which is pretty easily resolved even by inexperienced hands. Just shut the PC off, open up your CPU and clean the dust and debris.

Your safest bet is to comply with the manufacturer’s instructions, but if you cannot find those, feel free to look at their official website or elsewhere online. Many vendors offer Buyer’s Guides, like the one at Orphan Laptops, that give info on specific models, and if you know your hardware information well enough, there is always the generic old Google search.

Another major cause of computer overheating is a clogged or broken cooling system. If the computer is scalding to the touch, shuts down on its own, or the fan is louder than usual, call a technician right away.

Being a rebel with no legit cause

Even if you maintain your computer well and it is usually problem-free, you may still get the occasional error message seemingly out of nowhere. For these PCs that just act up for nothing, the go-to remedy is a good old reboot.

Go to your Start menu and shut down properly, then turn it back on after a minute or two. If the interface is completely frozen, do a forced reboot: hold down the Power button for about five seconds, until it kills all processes and switches off.

Most of the time, this kind of rude wake-up call reminds the computer that it should behave. However, if it continues acting up, or repeats the same or similar issue after a short time, fetch the phone and call in the experts.

The infamous Blue Screen of Death

This is the one thing that every PC user ever hates to see, though not everyone really understands it. If you are looking to learn more about this horror, you can start at this link.

Windows Process Died

The various error messages that accompany it are way too numerous to keep track of, but the meaning is the same: there is a critical problem that will never get better on its own, and you unavoidably need professional help.

The Hard Drive Failure Imminent screen

As hated as the BSOD, it only ever means one thing: your hard drive is dying in agony. If you ever see the words “Your hard disk drive is detecting an imminent failure”, shut down immediately and call in the pros to backup everything and replace the hard.


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