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Today I will share tricks about using a Trial Version Software Forever. As we all know that there are many software’s that run only for a specified period of time in the trial mode. Once the trial period is expired these software’s stop functioning and demand for a purchase.But here is the solution which run the software’s and make them function beyond the trial period.

TimeStopper is a small program which stops the time for any software executable file and hences facilitates you to use extended trial version of the program.

How to Use it :

  1. Open Time Stopper
  2. Click Browse button to select software that you want to use forever.
  3. Select main exe of try-out version & open it.
  4. Now Click “choose the new date” comb box and set date as your wish.
  5. That’s it.

Screenshot :


Note : If Software has desktop or startup folder shortcuts delete them and never use start menu link to open software.  Because after trial period accidentally click old desktop icon or start menu icon trial period of some software will be permanently over.

Download Time Stopper


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