9 Features of Android P That Will Help You Get More Done with Less Effort

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Android P is Google’s latest operating system update for Android devices, and as expected, it is packed with new features that were not available in Android Oreo – its immediate predecessor. We pooled some of these features together – nine of them to be exact – and here they are:


1. Smart Reply – Everywhere!

With Smart Reply, you get a couple of one-tap suggestions for responses whenever you receive a notification from message-oriented applications.

The feature does need more work before it can be termed perfect, but we believe that Google is headed in the right direction.

2. Smart Text Selection

Android P has a new “Overview” interface, but it also needs a bit of work. However, we discovered a new feature that lets you mark text from apps without even opening them. You just need to select the text from the app’s thumbnail, copy it and use it for whatever you want from there.

3. Image Selection

Also in the new Overview interface, you can select an image from an app’s thumbnail without actually opening the app. Then, you can share the selected image with whichever app you want. The best part? You can select the text within the image and copy it to your clipboard for use.

4. Slices

“Slices” is not live yet. However, it is a potential game-changer. You can basically search for something related to information contained within an app in your home screen search box without actually opening the app. For instance, you can search for “Lyft” and interact with information within the app – rides, wait times and such matters – without actually opening the Lyft app.

We imagine that mobile app development companies may have to make a change in their process of app building to allow for the feature to function properly.

5. Screenshot Management

Changes have been made to how screenshots work in Android P. Now, when you take a screenshot, and it pops up in your notification drawer, you’re provided options to share, edit or delete the screenshot directly from the notification drawer.

An android app development company could easily create a screenshot app with this feature on earlier operating systems, but it’s definitely more convenient that it is inbuilt with Android P.

6. Battery Management

There is a new “Adaptive Battery” feature that learns the battery draining capabilities of your apps and consequently limits the power drain from those apps that you don’t use so often. You can choose to turn the feature on or off.

7. Smart Screen Control

Now, there’s smarter screen control on Android P. The system monitors how you manually adjust your brightness settings in varying lighting conditions, and it adapts those settings to its own default “Adaptive Brightness.”

8. Improved Screen Rotation

Sometimes when you turn your phone at an angle even though you don’t want the screen to rotate, it still does anyway. Android P attempts to fix this with a small floating button that you need to tap if you actually want the screen to rotate in this sort of situation.

9. Noise Reduction

Android P has a cool new way to get your phone to shut up. All you have to do is flip it over so that the screen is facing down, and your device will not interrupt you until you pick it back up for use. You can whitelist any calls or notifications that are a high priority so that you do not miss any important messages. The feature is termed ” Shush.”


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