25 Best Adsense Optimized WordPress Themes For Better Ad Revenue

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AdSense is probably one of the popular ways to make money from a website or blog. However, many websites still struggle to make good money from ads placed on their pages. The key reason for this lies in the site’s page layout.

A web page’s layout will go a long way in determining where ads are placed, the size of the ads and the probability that the ads are clicked on. If you want to have an AdSense ready website, it would be cheaper to invest in an AdSense optimized WordPress theme compared to having a site built from scratch.

Choosing the right AdSense optimized theme for a website or blog should take into account several factors. These include external factors like the type of website, amount of traffic, an elegance of website, visitors among others.

It also includes internal factors such as layout options provided, ease of customization and different widgets supported by the theme. There are multiple choices of themes to choose from if you are looking for a theme. Here are 25 of the leading AdSense optimized WordPress themes available today.

1. Dividend

Dividend is a well designed responsive magazine style WordPress theme that’s ideal for a deals or sales website. The theme features a 7 posts layout design making it ideal for creating different website types including eCommerce, blogs, and affiliate marketing sites. The 4 pagination styles available make the theme easy to customize.

Dividend also features strategically placed ad slots which can be used to place ads. This theme is SEO ready and speed optimized for better ranking in search engine results pages.


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2. Ad-Sense

As the name intends, this WordPress theme is designed for websites that rely on ads for income. Ad-Sense comes in 8 predefined layouts making it easy to customize to match a website’s theme. The layout includes several different ad placement areas; this increases chances of getting clicks from most website visitors. One feature that stands out on this theme is the ad blocker detection.

This feature enables the theme to automatically create a popup message persuading the site visitor to disable ad blockers on their browser. Other exciting features include ad management and ad placement which make it easy to test, track and analyze the performanc of ad blocks placed on a website.


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3. Osnic

Osnic WordPress theme is designed for affiliate marketers whose main monetization method is ads placement. It’s a clean, responsive theme which supports various ad formats including pure HTML, carousel slider ads and image link ads. The support for GIF ads is a unique feature not found in many themes unless via a plugin.

With over 25 ad placement spots, it’s a good choice for the marketer who likes to test different ad placement positions to maximize on clicks. Besides affiliate marketing sites, Osnic can be used to create blog or magazine style websites which can also be easily monetized through ads.

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4. Arbitrage

Arbitrage WordPress theme features a clean and modern design that’s focused on increasing page views and ad clicks. This is a fully responsive theme that’s speed optimized and SEO ready. Besides being AdSense ready, this theme includes the “related posts” feature which many ads based websites utilize to maximize on page views and ad clicks.


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5. Viral

Viral is a fully responsive AdSense optimized WordPress theme that can be used for a wide range of high traffic websites. Marketers wishing to capitalize on the high traffic websites will appreciate the 3 different posts layouts available; these make it easy to test which layout generates the most ad clicks and page views.

Each layout features strategically placed ad and slots for easy testing. The stylish design makes it a good choice for building an easy to make a viral site. The theme is built to support heavy traffic and is SEO friendly.

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6. Simple Sense

Simple Sense is primarily built for purely AdSense websites. It comes in a clean and simple layout that’s best suited for affiliate websites, review sites, and blogs. Despite the simple design, this WordPress theme includes 12 different ad positions making it a good option for marketers who want to make the most out of the ad space available on every web page.

It also comes in 2 and 3 column layout options for easy customization. Simple Sense theme also includes a per post ad-options feature which makes it easy to specify which posts should contain ads.

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7. Viral KaBoom

Viral Kaboom is another AdSense optimized theme that’s specially designed for high traffic viral websites. The theme includes several ad spots to maximize on-page visitor clicks. Increased user interaction is also emphasized through features like a mega menu, social share buttons, review and rating posts and a separate gallery system. Viral Kaboom also offers multiple layout options making it easy to customize.

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8. Novapress

Novapress stands out as the leading WordPress theme for building viral news websites. Inspired by Viral Nova, this theme features a modern and attractive layout commonly seen on viral news websites. The theme is easy to customize and features a responsive grid layout.

Novapress features 3 different ad placement spots strategically placed at the top, right sidebar and within content to increase ad clicks. Other features included in the Novapress theme include infinite scroll and support for MailChimp email forms.

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9. Adsos

The Adsos WordPress theme features a minimalistic and clean design. Its layout is simple and clutter-free making it a good choice for blogs, news and affiliate websites. AdSense ready, the Adsos theme includes 2 ad spots under the header and at the bottom. It also includes a related posts feature which increases click-through rate and page views.

The theme is also heavy traffic ready meaning sudden traffic spikes will not negatively affect site performance.

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10. Feminine

Feminine theme features a fun and girly look and is a good choice for bloggers and marketers whose audience primarily consists of women. This theme is fully responsive and offers 3 different layout options as well as 3 slider options. WooCommerce ready, this theme can easily be monetized through ad placement as well as e-commerce sales.

Marketers using Instagram as a marketing channel will find the Instagram section and Instagram widget helpful. This theme comes with 14 free widgets and is SEO ready for improved search engine ranking. Other than the widgets, the theme also supports plugins including include mega menu, WP Shortcodes, and WP Subscribe Pro.

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11. Grimag

Grimag is a fully responsive WordPress theme that is built for SEO consultants and editors. It comes in a simple & clean layout with different color options available. This theme is designed to maximize monetization opportunities by including several prominently placed ad spots. Besides being AdSense ready, this theme is optimized for BuddyPress and bbPress.

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12. MH Joystick

MH Joystick WordPress theme is built for the gaming niche. A gaming magazine style theme, it’s fully responsive and comes with a simple and attractive layout. MH Joystick includes custom widgets such as the MH Slider and MH custom posts. Several layout options are offered to make site customization easy.

AdSense ready, this theme includes ad spots prominently placed in the right sidebar. This theme is SEO ready and speed optimized to ensure web pages rank high in search engine results. Besides the different layout options, further customization of the MH Joystick theme can be done by extending it with a child theme.

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13. Featured

The Featured theme comes in a responsive, crisp and modern design that makes it a good option for creating an online magazine website. The theme includes several layout options which users can further customize using the built-in page builder. AdSense ready, the Featured WordPress theme layout includes several prominently placed ad spots.

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14. Noozbeat

Noozbeat WordPress theme comes with a beautiful layout that makes it suitable for news or magazine websites. It’s an easy to customize theme with several layouts and unlimited color variations to choose from. The layout design also includes several designated ad slots which make it easy to monetize content via AdSense.

Noozbeat also includes several custom widgets which further enhance its functionality. This theme also includes an easy to use options panel which makes it easy to customize a website’s look. This theme is also SEO ready and speed optimized for high ranking in Google search results.

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15. SocialNow

SocialNow is a WordPress theme that’s best suited for blogs and websites whose primary marketing medium is social media. It offers a sleek and attractive design that can be easily customized to match a specific online business’ branding needs.

This theme is compatible with many of the popular widgets and also comes with 10 widgets already installed. SocialNow is fully responsive, SEO friendly and speed optimized which makes it a good choice if search engine friendliness is a concern.

The theme enables website monetization through ads by including several ad slots within the layout. Other interesting features include parallax scrolling, 3 different carousel sliders, and 2 article page layout options

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16. Newsmag

Newsmag is a responsive, clean WordPress theme that best suits magazine, blog or review style websites. Customizing this theme is simple thanks to the included tagDiv composer. This drag and drop feature makes it easy to change the theme’s look without typing in code.

The theme also comes with several different magazine layouts to choose from. The theme is AdSense ready and features ad placement spots at different locations within the design. Other features available with this theme include YouTube video compatibility, WooCommerce, BuddyPress and bbPress support.

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17. MaterialZine

MaterialZine is a magazine style WordPress theme whose design is focused on presenting a lot of content in a visually appealing manner. The theme layout takes a colorful and sophisticated course. It includes several features; each meant to increase user engagement.

The fully responsive design includes several layout options. The theme is also fully customizable along with an advanced drag and drop page builder. MaterialZine supports Orange themes’ ad widgets which make it easy to place ads in any position within the layout. To maximize user interaction, this theme includes several features like video upload support and, review and rating support.

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18. Magazine

Magazine WordPress theme is designed to be easily customizable to create amazingly unique layouts. The theme design includes a 3 column grid which can be customized using the drag and drop Themify builder. Magazine comes with 42 different layout options each with several ads spots. This theme supports different widgets and plugins to extend functionality.

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19. NewsLine

NewsLine is a powerful and beautiful WordPress theme built for news, political or sports websites. It’s a fully responsive theme that comes packed with numerous page builder options for easy customization. NewsLine is also available in different layouts which are easy to switch among! Each layout includes several ads placement slots.

Other features come along with this theme include mega menu support, ability to write reviews and verdicts and, shortcode support.

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20. SociallyViral

SociallyViral WordPress theme is built to increase user engagement and attract high amounts of traffic. It features a beautiful layout which is profoundly optimized for social sharing through the inclusion of social sharing widgets. SociallyViral is also designed to enable users to capitalize on the traffic their sites get by having strategically placed ad spots to increase ad revenue.

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21. Admania

Admania is one of the WordPress themes that are truly designed for purely AdSense and affiliate websites. It features a clean and modern look that’s available in 6 different layouts.

Optimized for ads, Admania templates feature prominently placed ad slots that have been found to attract the highest number of clicks. Users can also specify where ads should appear within a page by using the front end ad live editor provided with the theme.

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22. Verb Pro

Verb is a flexible, modern and responsive WordPress theme that can be used to build a variety of websites including magazine, blog and review websites. The theme has 6 different post layout styles. The included theme customizer makes it easy to create a custom website look by changing color, layout and site settings. The Verb theme makes ads monetization easy by featuring 4 different ad spots on each layout.

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23. GoMedia

GoMedia is a powerful magazine style theme. It features a responsive and unique layout that’s easily customizable to meet your branding needs. GoMedia theme comes inclusive of several custom widgets which extend its functionality. The theme design also includes ad slots placed in different locations which will increase AdSense revenues.

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24. MagXP

MagXp is a magazine style WordPress theme that offers numerous customization options. It features 4 homepage layouts to choose from! Designed for high traffic magazine websites, the MagXp theme is built to maximize ad revenues by having prominently placed ad spots within the design. Other unique features included with this theme include 16 custom widgets, SEO ready and speed optimization, fluid responsive design and parallax scrolling effect among others.

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25. Clean

Clean is a minimalistic & powerful WordPress theme designed for different types of websites. The design includes 3 different homepage layouts to choose from. Each layout can be further customized to create a truly unique website. This theme is compatible with many of the common widgets and plugins. It’s also designed to be AdSense and SEO ready making it easy to monetize and rank high in organic search results.

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Each WordPress theme is created to suit a specific type of website. This list has looked at the top WordPress themes for different niches and website types. Hopefully, by going through it, you will be able to find one that best suits your online business.


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