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Here is the list of WordPress Cloud Backup Plugins. As bloggers, we are probably the only ones who truly understand the amount of work that we have put into our sites. Content creation, marketing, social media outreach, research and analytics are only a few of the many tasks that a blogger has to accomplish each and every day if he wants his blog to become more popular. But in order to sleep soundly through the nights we also have to make sure that all of our work is safely stored on a backup system.

Cloud Storage

Luckily for us, WordPress developers have created extremely useful and user-friendly plugins that will ensure that our data is protected in case of disaster. Furthermore, every blogger should work with the help of a maintenance checklist that will help him better secure his website.

The truth is that it is difficult to handle a blog, especially with so many hackers, malware, code errors and crashes. If you want to risk losing your site, do not read any further, but if security and stability are part of your online strategy, then you should definitely take a look at these three Cloud Backup plugins for WordPress.

Cloud Backup for WordPress is the best option for securing articles and research, because information in the cloud can never get lost. It is also the most affordable solution, as it requires no physical space, or fancy hardware.

1. XM Backup

Most cloud storage and backup plugins work similarly. Nevertheless, developers have tried to come up with a few extra features that will increase their influence on the WordPress plugin market.

XM Backup is one such plugin that offers a wide array of tools like storing files in the WP-Content/uploads folder securing save locations like Dropbox or FTP accounts and so one. Furthermore, it can back-up your entire WordPress database on the beloved cloud.

2. Backup to Dropbox

Dropbox is one of my favorite cloud storage system because it is elegant, user friendly, and reliable. The WordPress Backup to Dropbox is basically a Cloud backup plugin which will make sure that all your important data is protected, without having you lift a finger.

You can also schedule regular backups, from week to week, for example, in order to make things easier. All you have to do is to install and activate the small plugin in the WordPress dashboard, authorize access to Dropbox, prepare a schedule, and let the tool do everything for you. If total peace of mind is what you are searching for, Dropbox Backup for WordPress will definitely not disappoint.

3. UpdraftPlus Backup

UpdraftPlus works a lot like Dropbox in terms of scheduling backups and storage space. It can be used to store data on the computer, or on other cloud units like Amazon S3, WebDav, email, GoogleDrive or Dropbox. Something I consider worth mentioning is the excellent customer service. The specialists at UpdraftPlus treat you with the professionalism you would expect from a premium plugin team.

All in all, although these plugins are very helpful, you might want to invest in a premium plugin that will add even more security for your data. Sleep is always sounder when you know that all your hard work is safely stored within a little cloud.

Do you know more WordPress Cloud Backup Plugins? Share with us via comments below.


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