How is WordPress still better than Blogger and Tumblr?

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The web is teeming with latest Internet platforms and applications to go with them, often leading to a a lot of confusion as to which one could be the best. While one has many plus points there is yet another endowed with some small feature that was lacking in the almost perfect one.


It goes on this way, with people designing new platforms trying to rectify what was lacking in the ones currently available, yet trying to keep their creations as user-friendly as possible, as that is the essence of any Internet platform or application as the user is stuck with it throughout the day, every day.

Commercial overtones to a sedate pastime

Within a few days of launch of a new platform, there are several others cropping up, having borrowed heavily from the one that was proving to be successful as it was more useful. The scenario applies perfectly to blogging as well.

Earlier, all blogging required was fertile imagination and time at one’s disposal to create excellent reading material that was appreciated by all. Over the passage of time, advertising started playing a major role, hence prompting a lot of technology to be infused into this simple pastime, which has metamorphosed into a great commercial enterprise, linking thousands of businesses and individuals in one large canvas.

Survival of the fittest

With competition heating up, most blogging platforms had to pull up their acts or perish. The promise of fantastic returns attracted new players into the fold and those who could not keep up with the advancements and update themselves had to be left behind.

That is what happened with like of GEnie who existed in the pre-Internet days and were the pioneers in the field of forums and blogs. There was People and Link Amiga that initiated lively forums. The sci-fi forums of Genie are quite unforgettable to this day. Panning to the modern day scenario of search engine algorithms and social networking to contend with, one can no longer think of science fiction, rather the thinking has become scientific. Today we have some of the best like WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger.

Here is what makes them tick:

WordPress is a privately owned business and so is Tumblr. They have to liberty to do what they deem fit and specialize in their areas. The conglomerate Google owns Blogger which makes a lot of difference. This offers Blogger stability, financial independence and a lot of interaction and access that is vital for any business.

Blogger is quite stable as it has the backing of Google and is based on its business model that has proved to be a success. Users too have the confidence that Blogger is no fly-by-night operator and is here to stay. Blogger is geared to face dips and drawbacks in business only to bounce back with all the support available.

Interaction is important too

A website needs to cultivate the ability to interact and work with other websites, or to have access to a particular type of software that can work on various computer systems. Take the case of Tumblr, where in order to create a user account one needs to use an email address, create a new username and a secure password, build an impressive profile as you would have to do with any other site.

However, with WordPress you have the option of creating your own user account, a username of your choice including a secure password and a profile as well, or you can simply skip all these formalities if you opt for a WordPress package through the webhost.

This way you get to save a lot of time and avoid plenty of hassles. When it comes to Blogger, you have one choice and that is to use your Gmail account, however if you do not have one, go ahead and create it. You will also need a Google + account that you need to create in order to complete your Blogger profile. Creating an account with Blogger is pretty easy and quick.

Successful Blogging

Every aspiring blogger would like to be successful and divert a lot of traffic, which is the ultimate goal.   The ability to your blog to every social media networking sites and widgets is all that matters.

In this respect, all the three platforms are great and give the users a free hand to decide what sort of reactions the comments will generate, and how the visitors will be able to share the webpage and to upload their favorite snaps and videos. Blogger seems to have the upper hand when it comes to applications including advertisements and as evidence there is a widget that lets you integrate your blog with FedEx.

After all, blogging is no longer casual exchange of pleasantries, it has evolved into a serious business and most successful sites on science, technology, finance and so on owe their very existence to blogging, as that is where it all started.

Networking access

When it comes to inter connectivity and letting the users integrate with other platforms, WordPress has no match. It is the best bet yet for people who rely on connecting with most number of people. WordPress has a huge blogging community and makes it easy to build up connections with bloggers spread across the world in the same niche.

Admittedly, Blogger too is known for its ease of use, and gives you access to a large number of templates like WordPress and Tumblr. This is what will decide what your blog will look like. You are even allowed to edit some templates yourself. The Blogger dashboard lets you use Java widgets unlike Tumblr and WordPress who do not.

Overall, one can say with a balanced opinion that WordPress is a lot more user-friendly and loaded with features that make it the preferred platform.


Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

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