How to Boost the Instagram Following for a Fashion Blogger’s Site?

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Many people are still not aware that blogging has become a full-fledged career and a profession to pursue. Right from food bloggers, to tech, décor, and of course, fashion bloggers are some of the creative career paths chosen by the millennials today. In this article, we would be precisely addressing the issue of boosting Instagram following for both established and upcoming fashion bloggers.

Instagram followers

Instagram today, boasts of over 700 million active users on a monthly basis and the number is constantly on the rise. Hence, it has become an extremely favorite social platform for brand marketing opportunities. It has incidentally allowed individuals to initiate pictorial mini-blogs and gave them a platform for showcasing their work worldwide. Here are some ways you could boost Instagram following to your site as a fashion blogger.

Consistency Is the Key

You need to be truly consistent and dedicated to all your efforts. As a full-fledged fashion blogger, it is taken for granted that you would be a regular shopper and you would be writing regularly on fashion trends obviously before they are going out of vogue. To be able to develop a robust social following on the social media platform such as Instagram, it is mandatory to be 100 percent consistent in all your endeavors.

You must keep track of your audience and understand clearly what seem to be the most favorable timings for posting, in terms of audience engagement. Accordingly, you need to chalk out a schedule to post all your blogs. Whether to post twice a day or maybe thrice every day, all these are questions best tackled by you and the answers are determined by you. However, it is a good idea to keep spacing out your blog posts properly so that you get all your comments and likes and boost your followers for Instagram.

Instagram Icon Must Be on Full Display

You have to make sure that your social networking profiles are all on display on the blog particularly, Instagram as you seem to be in the fashion and lifestyle industry which is obviously, extremely visual in nature.

A wise idea would be to incorporate your Instagram logo into the footer or sidebar of all the web pages and that may include the about us portion too. You are free to consider providing links to the blog profiles or the personal profile depending on your convenience and comfort factor.

Ask Your Visitor to Follow You

You must keep in mind that the blogging community is pretty vast. Irrespective of whether it is a blog of WordPress or some other CMS, there would always be some individuals who would be visiting your post depending on the tags created by you.

When you indulge in active blogging and start promoting your content more effectively on social media platforms such as Instagram, you would be driving a lot more traffic to your fashion site.It is, therefore, vital that once a visitor has read your fashion updates and tips and is about to go from your site, you must request the visitor for a fast follow on Instagram. Remember to include a proper note from your side for personalizing the campaign message.

Collaborate Effectively With Some Other Bloggers

A smart move which would be helping you find a niche in the dynamic and rapidly growing fashion industry is effective collaboration. You need to collaborate with some other bloggers especially those who seem to enjoy a reasonable following themselves.

Utilise the power of apps

There is an infinite number of apps available on Instagram which can bestow you fantastic photo sharing experience. These brilliant apps assist users in exploring unique tags and keywords, in printing and downloading images. So include Instagram, as a crucial aspect of your online marketing strategy.

Keep your online personality intact

Although social media platform is dynamic, along with that your Instagram account also need to remain updated randomly.

On visible social media platform like Instagram, opt your logo as a profile picture for your Instagram account and your specific brand name, for instance, Adidas, and Nike as your username. Your logo, photos, and blog should be in synchronization with your relevant fashionable products because these are the aspects through which your customers identify your products. The picture of products which you post and share influences customer’s mindset within seconds and loudly conveys your message among them.

It is damn easy to create your decent Instagram account on your own, highlighting every striking feature of your dream business. So, Instagram is such an outstanding platform which offers a huge endorsement to brands in an efficient manner.


Brands must abstain from over-posting on Instagram. People do not enjoy the idea of being spammed all the time by your pictures. However, the weekend is the time when you could consider bending the rule. However, never compromise on the quality and kind of post or content you share. Obviously, you would not wish to lose the Instagram followers you have made.


Harris Scott

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Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.

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