Could Snapchat Be the Best Positioned Social Media App for Coronavirus?

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Whenever there’s a crisis, a pandemic, war or anything dangerous happening around the world, it’s difficult to know what the correct information is. It’s hard to know which sources to trust and which ones are just creating their own stories in a bid to try and get more people viewing their reports. Social media plays a big part in many peoples’ lives today, with apps such as Instagram and Facebook being utilized to spread news and information. Yet, again, these cannot generally be completely trusted sources.


Yet, there’s one social media app that could be better positioned than all the rest for dealing with handing out the correct information and advice regarding coronavirus. Snapchat! This social media platform does not have the same misinformation problems that have plagued other social media sites. Generally speaking, the 218 million daily active users on Snapchat are frequently posting about using hand sanitizer, wearing gloves and, as it happens, the NBA!

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How Is Snapchat Dealing with Coronavirus?

Just a couple of days ago, Snapchat provided an update regarding the efforts that it is undertaking so as to ensure all of its users are receiving not only the right information but receiving it in good time. To begin with, Snapchat has stated that it is working alongside the World Health Organisation (WHO) as well as the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to provide Snapchatters with the latest news and information on the situation.

“WHO publishes regular updates from their Official Account,“ said Snapchat. It went on to say that it has worked with the WHO team to develop custom content so as to be able to answer queries from the Snapchat community.

That’s not all though, because the social media app has worked with the WHO so as to develop a new AR filter. This includes plenty of key information about how people are able to reduce their risk of infection from coronavirus. New stickers have been added to Snapchat that help promote health measures to users during the outbreak, too.

Last, of all, Snapchat utilizes something known as Discover to provide content, and this it says is an accurate way of delivering such. Why? Because the content on there is already vetted and curated, which will reduce the risk of misinformation being spread across the platform.

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have already been accused of not putting a halt to the spread of misinformation on their platforms. Even a conspiracy video relating to coronavirus and alternate races was spread across Instagram recently, resulting in even more controversy for the social media app.


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