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Compatibility of Apple devices with other systems is quite low, thus there is a need of end-to-end software that gets the job done without any hassles. Transferring all kinds of files, photos, videos, contacts and other data is currently quite complicated. With IOTransfer, you don’t have to worry about anything as this software makes it pretty simple.


If you are looking for a free file manager which can sync or transfer all types of files, this is your best bet. The software has many essential features which makes it the preferred choice of many Apple users.

Features of IOTransfer

You can use the software to interact with all of the most common files and media types. This amazing software comes with many exciting features. Let’s take a look at what IOTransfer has in store for its users.


If you use a Windows PC, most of your photos might be stored in the system. IOTransfer can help you in seamlessly managing all the photos while also allowing you to send/receive them from your iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices. There are many features you can avail with respect to photos.

You can bulk delete your pictures, import or export them with ease. You can easily back up photos clicked in Apple devices without any complications. Since the software is compatible with all iOS versions, you won’t face any hassles in that regard as well. It is currently the best free iPhone Photo manager you can avail, in terms of utility as well as user experience.


Apart from pictures, music is the most common type of files we usually have. Since Apple only allows users to listen music through iTunes without providing them the ability to share them, this tool is quite essential. As with pictures, even music files can be handled in the same way through IOTransfer.

The process is quite simple and hassle-free. This software is an amazing alternative to iTunes and can let you seamlessly transfer, sync, delete them as per your requirements.


Video files are usually large and the task of transferring them from one device to another is quite tedious and slow. With the help of IOTransfer, you can quickly transfer and sync all your videos to your Windows PC. The main purpose people use this for is to take backups of their videos. So, if you want your videos to be backed up in your system, this is the best way to do so. Even deleting the videos all at once can be achieved simply with the click of a button.


Apart from all types of media such as photos, music and video, other type of data is quite important as well. In your iPhone or iPad, you might have several files, contacts and much more. To be able to move that data to your Windows PC for the purpose of backup is made very simple with the help of IOTransfer.

For this, you wouldn’t need iCloud, iTunes or any other complicated software. IOTransfer acts as an all-in-one piece of software that can get done almost anything for you.

Closing Thoughts

IOTransfer is definitely the best free iPhone manager which can carry out multiple functionalities with ease. You can perform all the actions denoted above and do much more with the free software.

Currently, most people use a lot of software together to get simple tasks done but with IOTransfer, this won’t be an issue since it’s an ensemble software with all such features clubbed together. So instead of using multiple softwares offering different features, you can just use this software and get your job done.


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