Tips for Purchasing a Cell Phone for Your Teen

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With the holiday gift buying season just around the corner many parents will be scrambling to find the perfect pick for their teen. While they may have a few ideas of what to get them not many will compare to getting them a cell phone this year. Chances are, they have been asking for a smartphone, or at least dropping hints. And they are not alone. Research shows that around 75 percent of teens between the ages of 12-17 have a smartphone.

Cell Phone for Your Teen

For those parents who would like to purchase a cell phone for their teen this season, or at any time, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Determine needs

Consider what it is that your teen will be doing with the cell phone. Do you want them to be able to access the Internet or just be able to make phone calls? How about take pictures and record videos? There are so many options available in today’s cell phone market that you really need to think about what you want them to be able to do. This will help narrow down your search so you can find one that will be a good fit for your teen.

Check packages

Most teens send anywhere from 25-80 text messages per day. This means that you want to make sure your plan provides them with unlimited text messaging. Without this, you may get a much bigger monthly bill than you bargained for. Check the details of the plan you have and make changes where you see fit.

Consider insurance

A lost or damaged phone could end up costing you a couple of hundred dollars. You may want to consider adding insurance to the phone just in case it is needed. Insurance for cell phones can be obtained through some cell phone providers, as well as some insurance agencies.

Set boundaries

Not all teens will use their phone in negative ways, but there are some that do. Discuss the rules regarding their smartphone, so that your teen knows they should not be sexting, sending R-rated pictures, or engaging in things like bullying. These issues can all be real problems with teens today, making it important that parents place an emphasis on addressing it. This can be achieved by using Parental Control Apps.

Keep tabs

For those parents who feel they would like the added benefit and security of knowing what their teens are doing on their cell phone, they should consider downloading a smartphone monitoring program on it before giving it to them. The program runs quietly in the background, recording everything they do with it, and will even use GPS technology to show parents where they are at all times.

There are some benefits of getting a teen a cell phone. Parents can have an easier time being able to communicate with them and it provides a safety measure in the event that they need to call home or reach their parents. Just be sure to get a phone and plan that will work for your teen, and take measures to keep them using it safely!


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