5 Most Useful Finance Gadgets of All Time

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Finance Gadgets are just a small part of a much larger web of technology which helps us be more productive, more organised or more entertained. Luckily if you are looking for gadgets to help you manage your finances or help your business manage accounts and expenses, there are a range of intuitive gadgets, apps and programs you can use.

These gadgets, badges or widgets can be easily integrated into your business website by copying and then pasting the code into the body of your page or template, at the point where you think you will be able to get the most benefit and use out of it.

Google and Yahoo remain the web companies offering the broadest scope of useful gadgets, especially in the finance industry, as their gadgets are used by finance bloggers, shareholder activists and various investor relation bodies, as well as regularly updated financial news sites.

The wide use of financial gadgets has upped the ante considerably over recent years for corporate investors, as they have been forced to ensure their own websites remain at the forefront of the market to remain competitive. Also read about finance iPad apps.

Improved Finance Gadgets are continually being developed and you can consider the top five right here to see how they could benefit your business:

1: FXWare Currency Converter

Forex have come up with a very popular and inclusive finance gadget, as it accommodates more than 180 commodities and currencies in its Fxware Currency Converter. This tool can calculate the different foreign exchange rates for you, as well as give you their up to date values along with their historical charts, so you can easily evaluate any movement. At the same time you can review your position in the wider market with access to the latest finance news.

2 : Fund Investment Monitor by Rafael Barcelos

This particular gadget enables the user to evaluate a stock quote along with its percentages based on the amount invested. You will then be able to monitor your investment with the following features:

  • A graphics display relating to the stock quotes that make up the fund which is updated daily, based on the value and date of your investment.
  • A graphic showing growth history.
  • Quote values.

3: Live Commodity Prices by Inventive Gadget

This gadget can be very useful as it will give you the latest prices for consumer goods, livestock, agriculture, metals and energy from varying sources that include the Financial Times, CNN Money and Bloomberg.

4: The TED Spread by Erik Saltwell

Although this gadget is not actually one of the latest to come on the market, as it began its life during the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, it remains one of the most useful, as it gives you a measure on the level of fear that exists in the various credit markets.

Stock market movements are as much about what investors and brokers think and feel will happen, as they are about researched and probable outcomes, and so knowing the feeling of credit markets can be useful in your decision making.

5: Price Waterhouse’s PwC’s CFOdirect

A custom gadget that will allow you to access CFOdirect.com content. This content is tailored to the requirements and interests of executives in the financial field.

How to Choose the Best Finance Gadgets

Finance gadgets are useful for non-corporate websites, including blogs and other simple finance sites. However, it is important that you examine the user agreements surrounding their use to ensure you are comfortable with the content of any particular gadget and the reliability of the persons behind their creation, and ongoing maintenance agreements.

These types of tools are but one set of tools that are freely available on the web for website owners to use. They complement other tools that also give your website a certain authority, this is important and their continual updating is imperative. Also Read more about Finance apps for the iPhone.


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