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Every one of us might have played the Rubik’s cube puzzle game once in our childhood and many of us play it in adulthood as well. It is the game that can sharpen our memory and help us to build concentration power. Moreover, the game helps in overall development of our brain, according to many studies. This Rubik’s cube game has been revolutionized. The cube has now been turned into a sphere.

Lion's Sphere

The all new Lion Sphere Puzzle Game has been launched for iOS and Android users. The users can thoroughly enjoy the new challenges while playing this puzzle game. Let us have a brief insight about this mind goggling game.

Lion’s Sphere – The Brief

Lion’s Sphere is a unique puzzle game having realistic 3D graphics, intuitive controls, meditative music, and worldwide player rankings. This game has been inspired by the most popular toy of all time – Rubik’s Cube. The only difference is that you have to solve the spheres rather than solving the cubes in this game.

These spheres are colored in 2, 4, or 8 colors, depending on the level of difficulty you choose. Moreover, this spherical puzzle is much more difficult to solve as compared to the Rubik’s Cube.

Lion’s Sphere – The History of Creation

The father of the CEO of Lion Sphere’s game wondered what if the Rubik’s Cube is replaced with a sphere. This was the time in 1995 when the Rubik’s Cube game was immensely popular among the masses. The idea of the sphere puzzle captivated the CEO. In the year 2006, the first sample of this game was launched in the US and in the year 2007, a patent of this game was filed in the US. The patent was received in the year 2012.

Though the mass production of this puzzle game is yet to be started, but the CEO of this game always wanted to translate the vision of his father into a big reality. This made him launch the Lion’s Sphere puzzle for the mobile devices. It is a new revolution in the puzzle games industry and this game can give a good exercise to your brain.

Ultimate Features of Lion’s Sphere

Conceptualizing the concept of his father, the CEO of Lion’s Sphere game created a marvel. This was the first time a puzzle of such type was launched in the industry. This game is firstly launched for the mobile devices and is packed with some of the most exclusive features.

  • A Realistic 3-D Game: This wonderful game is totally a 3-D game which can be played on your mobile using the 3-D space. You can check out the sphere from every possible angle and can rotate it by swiping your fingers.
  • Meditative Music: Though you have an option to turn off the music during the game, still its background music gives you a fresh feeling and makes your mind calm. You will love the soothing sound and will be able to concentrate more on the game. Plug in the earphones while this game to enjoy it to the fullest.
  • Intuitive Controls: The movement of the sphere and the blocks can be controlled using your fingers. You can rotate sphere in any direction over the 3-D space on your mobile using your fingers.
  • Difficulty Level: Basically, this game has 3 different levels of difficulty. The easiest level is the sphere with 2 colors, the medium level is sphere with colors, and the hardest one is the sphere with 8 colors. This game can turn out to be a brain turner.
  • Check Rankings: If you are connected to the internet, you can see how well you are playing by comparing your rankings with the worldwide players. You can see the best time, number of moves, and your time in the world ranking charts.
  • Multi-Platform: It is available for both Android and iOS devices on Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore respectively.

The Bottom Line

Lion’s Sphere is a revolutionary game that has changed the perception of people. No one would have ever imagined that Rubik’s Cube game can take such shape and it can be played using the sphere instead of cube.

This game is initially launched for Android and iOS devices, and you can test your skills while playing this game on your smartphone.

Download Lion’s Sphere on iOS & Android


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