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Here is the head to head comparison of the 2 budget smartphones- Xolo X1000 vs. Micromax Canvas HD. Micromax has become a recognized name in the smartphone market of India and even outside of it in some countries. They offer to those who want an efficient and decent smartphones at a budget price. Intel and Gigabyte are known globally for their motherboards and video cards but their entry into the world of smartphones as manufacturers is relatively new.


Many might feel apprehensive about new brands but these two giants have fame that precedes them and can also gather a crowd of consumers mainly for the reason that being chipset manufacturers will mean better hardware integration.

We also have other brands in this competitive market and that just toughens up the battle arena for rest of them. Micromax and Xolo are fighting for the spot that reaches out to mid-range consumers, which is not a small crowd by the way. So, we have here the Xolo X1000 and Micromax Canvas HD combating for the number one position and let’s see who comes out as a winner.

Screen and hardware

Xolo X1000 comes with a 4.7-inches TFT LCD display screen with 1280X720 resolution at 312ppi. And the Canvas HD comes with a 5-inches IPS LCD display screen with 1280X720p resolution at 295ppi. The display size is a tad bigger than Xolo’s but the pixels per inch (ppi) fight goes to Xolo.


They both have HD display screens and the changes are very minor to feel the difference. We have Intel powering the Xolo with a single-core 2GHz Atom CPU and PowerVR GPU and 1GB RAM whereas Canvas HD has a quad-core 1.2GHz Cortex A-7 CPU and PowerVR GPU and 1GB RAM, which is almost similar to the Xolo.

Canvas HD has four cores but Intel Atom runs with more power at 2GHz than Cortex A7. But Micromax’s Canvas HD comes with Android 4.1 that is upgradeable to 4.2 and Lava Xolo comes with Android 4.0 and I don’t know if there is any update available for it as of now.

Imaging and memory

The inbuilt memory for Xolo X1000 is 8GB and Canvas HD comes with 4GB but both the smartphones support 32GB for external storage. Both the smartphones have the same rear camera that is 8MP with flash and other camera features. But Xolo’s front camera is 1.3MP whereas Canvas HD supports VGA for the front camera, making Xolo’s offering better.


Both the smartphones connect via 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB. They also have inbuilt apps by Google like Play, Search, Gmail, Maps, YouTube and Calendar. The Li-Ion battery at 2100mAh Canvas HD gives talk-time up to 5 hours and stand-by of up to 174 hours but even with a slight lower Li-Ion battery at 1900mAh of Xolo X1000 gives 9 hours of talk-time and 336 hours of stand-by.

Verdict – Xolo X1000 vs. Micromax Canvas HD

Both of these smartphones have their ups and downs. Canvas HD at a more affordable price offers more processing power and speed thanks to its quad-core processors that beats 2GHz of Intel Atom CPU of Xolo and a bigger screen. But Xolo makes up for that by giving more pixel density that of course results in more clarity of its 4.7-inches display and the size has a very minor difference.

Xolo also gives us better front camera and even with a lesser-powered battery provides us more conservation of the power. The reason can be that Xolo has a single-core processor but that still doesn’t put down the smartphone a lot. Canvas HD will interest those who want a faster smartphone and Xolo to those who want better battery life, camera and image clarity. Watch below the unboxing video of Xolo A1000;

Xolo and Micromax may compete with each other and win evenly or sometimes more but both smartphones offer amazing deals at affordable prices. They may not be the high-end smartphones trending in the international market but honestly speaking, they are quickly catching up to them and can help in reducing the ridiculous price tags that are attached to high-end smartphones these days. Watch below the Hands on video review of Canvas HD.

A quad-core CPU doesn’t seem to be a big deal anymore and these brands show us that. Apple, Samsung, HTC, and Sony are perhaps waging a different kind of a battle but they soon won’t be alone, as we will see these brands that come from different countries slowly creating a global market that caters to the world.

So which do you think is the best smartphone in Xolo X1000 vs. Micromax Canvas HD? Share your views with us!


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