3 Benefits Of Installing ID Security Card Systems In Campuses

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ID cards for students keep the college campus secure for them as well as the faculty as it becomes quite easy to find out who belongs to the campus and who doesn’t. Visitors are also issued a temporary ID security card so as to make them readily recognizable in the campus. Therefore, it becomes easier to find if someone enters the campus without a valid reason.

ID security Card system

Many college campus don’t use ID cards for their students, faculty or other staff. Often used as a security measure, ID cards can be anything from a simple photo ID badge to a smart card with strips, imbedded technology to perform many functions.

Basic Uses Of ID Cards

An Identification Card with a name, photo, and some other relevant info like the position of staff member or the level is a primary need in today’s college campuses. These security cards can be used to identify the staff and students require to leave or enter the building while the college is running, and when the doors are locked.

An upgrade of these cards are the ones that contains a magnetic bar or stripe code embedded to perform basic tasks such as opening the door or bar code scanning in the library. Because these cards are used often, they are more exposed to wear and tear.

Advanced Uses Of ID cards

There exists both kinds of cards, contact and contactless ‘smart’ ID cards, which hosts many function for college management and services. A microchip is installed in these cards, which can be coded by the IT staff of the colleges in the back-end. Each card consists of a unique identification number issued to a particular student or staff, and all info of that person is stored in the computer. In fact, more functionality can be added to it, provided college’s IT team knows how to do that.

Machines can be installed in the campus to recognize the person with the help of ID card. This makes easier for school administration to keep record of each staff and student of the campus. If something unfortunate happens, administration can get to know about the involved people.

Keep Track Of Students And Staff

For example, a student begins school. She has her photo taken and is issued a savvy ID card that she wears constantly. When she goes to class, the machine tick mark her attendance as well as notes when she leaves class to tell the higher authorities whether she spent the whole time there or left early.

Then, this new kid stops by the college-campus bookshop to get course readings and pays with her ID card, which is associated with her understudy account. She the goes off to lunch at the cafeteria where again she pays with her ID card.

Her next class is a lab where the machine takes her participation, and her authorized PC make use of her ID card to distinguish what she does on the PC and the web. She accidentally tries to get into an educational system online that is obstructed from understudies, and she’s denied get to. Mechanizing attendance allows colleges and their staff-members to concentrate on other, more critical parts of instruction.


If your college campus already have an ID card system and just want to upgrade, there is no need to purchase the entire system. Many smart cards work with technology that was installed earlier. You just need to invest on the right manufacturer. They can meet all of your requirements and even strive to craft out the right, best solution for you and your institution.

Hope this post leaves you with the thought of immediately installing the ID card system in your campus. Let us know in the comments!


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