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Whether you want to start a blog or any other type of website, it’s important to know the basics and how to actually get started. There are a couple of steps that will send you on your way, so if you don’t exactly know where to start from in this endeavor, you’re in the right spot.  If you want to learn how to make a website,  read our step by step guide.

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Host your website

Web hosting is a server that you will need to use to create your website.  The easiest way in which web hosting can be explained is this: You are basically renting a place on the internet where you keep all your website stuff. By website stuff we mean all the things that go into the site, like pictures, videos and anything else of the sort.  There are many web hosting services out there so knowing that you have to pick one is only the beginning of the struggle.

It is advised to go through as many offers as possible before settling on one just so you have a better understanding of the marker and of your options.  You might be tempted by the free services that are available but depending on your specific needs they might not be enough so if that’s the case don’t shy away from spending more for quality. If the free hosting services include everything you need, you can get away with a lighter bill.

Register a domain

Choosing a domain name is a very important step because it will literally define your website. The domain name is the URL people need to type in the address bar to go to your website in the browser. It usually ends with the extension .com, .org, .net, and other similar ones.

The domain name is a very important marketing opportunity for your website. Use something catchy and appealing that people will want to click on. Also, make it reflect your brand or what you or the website are about.

Content and design

Once everything else is out of the way, you can get to the actual creation of your website. Your implication in this phase revolves around whether or not you have the software knowledge to build it yourself or if you will hire someone to do it for you.

Either way, this is the phase in which you plan all the design elements that will go into the website as well as plan the page layouts and other similar factors. What kind of content will be displayed as well as in what manner it will be displayed are also part of this phase.


Publishing refers to actually uploading the web pages you have just created to the web hosting service servers that you got started with at the beginning of this article. Once pages are ready they can be deployed to the hosting server through your choice of FTP tools, so that the entire world will be able to see your content.


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